Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Last Zone Conference!

Justin, President Ames and Elder Wheatley! Last Zone Conference!
Justin and Elder Crowther made Spaghetti! 
Really FAT bunny!
Justin said "Name who drives this car and what movie and I'll show up on your doorstep in two weeks!"

June 13, 2016 

Hello Family, 

Things have been really great here this week. A lot has gone on here this past week which was really really good. 

Tuesday - We had Zone Conference. It was my last Zone Conference along with President and Sister Ames so it was a really bitter sweet zone conference. I bore my departing testimony which was really awesome. I have felt like I have grown so much since being here so that is really awesome. After the whole Zone Conference, we went into the chapel and President and Sister Ames said their last goodbyes to the whole mission which was really good cause everyone is going to miss them. After President Ames talked he gave all the Elders a hug which was really awesome. After me and him got to sit down together and have a temple recommend interview cause my recommend had expired. Defiantly the best meeting I have been to on my mission. 

Wednesday - We had UGM which was really good. We then went on an Exchange with the 6th Elders which was good. I went with Elder Boekweg and we talked about Zone Conference for like the whole exchange and how it has changed us a lot and how the mission has changed us. We taught 3 people that day it was awesome.  We placed 3 Books of Mormon and it was awesome. We taught this guy who asked us to come back this week. He was super hard hearted and it was a really tuff lesson to teach. 

Thursday - We had been blessed with the opportunity to go and give a blessing to a girl that was in a hospital for a really rare surgery only happened in about 5 places. One was in Texas. They were from Smithfield, UT which was really cool to see some of the native folks. After that we contacted some referrals that we had gotten. Which was really awesome. Then we went and did Weekly Planning. I checked up on School as well. I still think everything is good to go for school so that should be all good. That night I sold my bike to a Member in the Ward we have been working with. He bought it for $160 dollars, which is awesome, so that is nice. We also taught him about coming to church and so that was awesome. 

Friday- We had a lot of finding which was really hard cause it was super hot out there so it was hard we busted our bums out there. 

Saturday - was like an exact ditto do Friday. Not a whole lot went on there ether so we hope this Saturday will be a lot better. 

Sunday was great. We had a lesson with The boys who are being baptized on the 25th of this month. Which was awesome. They were at church along with our other investigator named Steph. She is awesome and she is a great person and loves her kids and wants the best for them. It was a great day. Then we took the Kraus family to the Mission Presidents Fireside, the very last one, it was super powerful. I got to see Elder Peterson so that is great and was able to introduce the Kraus’s to him. It was awesome. 

Well Family that is my week. Hope all is going well in your neck of the world and it sounds like things are so that is awesome. Keep it up. See you soon. 

Love you, 

Elder Justin C. Lee  

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