Monday, June 20, 2016

Last Full Week As A Full Time Missionary!

Visiting a Horse Breeding Ranch!

View of the ranch!

Baby horse that was a miscarriage. 

Justin said "Um....the thing they use to extract the um....yeah."

June 20, 2016

Hello Family sorry for the late reply went on a tour of a horse breeder Ranch so that was really Awesome. I'll tell y'all about it next week when I get to see y'all.  

Tuesday - Was Awesome. We did service at the Homeless shelter again. It was truly an awesome experience. After that we had a couple of potentials to stop by and to help. After that we went and saw a couple of more people. We had an appointment that night with a LA guy who has struggles with Joseph Smith. The appointment went really good. Got him to read the Book of Mormon.  

Wednesday - We had Zone Council. I gave a training on being Bold. Which is funny cause everyone thinks I am bold but I just call it how it is. So hate, love, whatever but that's how I roll. But just having a conviction of what you know is true is what makes you want to be bold so that is awesome. After that we had a few things we had to get done but after that we had an appointment with Brother Wadsworth. Who is doing okay but not as good as I would like. After that we had a lesson with Brother Kraus. Which was really really good.  

Thursday - Was weekly planning which went really well. I got really really sick on Thursday. Now I just have a stuffy nose and sneeze but that will go, I am sure, by the end of the week.  

Friday - Friday was like trying to find people to teach and to talk to all afternoon but we found no body. That evening we met with Stephanie, an Investigator, they are doing really awesome things. Came to church. After that we had a lesson with the Pakbin family and so that was really really nice  

Saturday - We had a fireside for seminary that we spoke at and how seminary has blessed our lives. After that I had to print my final letter to President Ames and stuff which was good. Oh by the way I got accepted to school so that is really nice as well. After that we just had a few stop bys. That night we had a meeting with our baptismal kids. Which was awesome they look like they will pan out for this weekend which will be really awesome.  

Sunday - We had church. Stephianie was the only one that came so that was okay but it was really good. That was my week. Well family time to go HAM I hope that I will be so tired when I see y'all on Thursday cause that means I gave it my all!!!  

Love y'all,  
Elder Justin C. Lee  

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