Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Baptism Of The Pabkin Family!

The Pabkin Family Baptism!

Blimp at the PGA tour!

May 30, 2016

Hey Family,  

Sounds like things are going pretty well in y’alls neck of the woods. Sounds like house work is all done. Well at least until mom finds another painting project for dad to do. Haha 

Tuesday - We did service at UGM again which was really good. I got to clean up all this old nasty food which was really gross but hey some dummy had to do it and I guess that dummy was me. Couldn’t be more proud of me. Haha After that we had a few appointments that were set up but ended up punching on appointments. So we got to do some fun contacting.  

Wednesday - We had District meeting which was really good. I gave a training on the difference between vision and goals. How our vision can be raised only through righteous goal setting which was really good. It was fun cause the Assistants came to it so that was really really fun. It meant I was able to talk to Elder Bird and Elder Fowels who are just like my BFFs in the whole dang mission. It was good to catch up with them. After that we had gotten a call about a blessing that needed to be given at the hospital. It was bad cause I walked into it and said to the person on the table How are you little man and the mom said it's a girl. I got made fun of by the Elders who were there with us. After that we had some appointments set up and they were really good. I was able to talk to the LA Member who is gonna help me to sell my bike I think which is good. I am just looking to sell it.  So I hope I can get some takers on that end of it. But we taught him and it was really good. Then after that we visited Brother and Sister Kraus who are doing really good right now.  

Thursday - We had a lesson with Victor and it was a really good meeting. We are hoping for him to be able hit his date on the 25 of June so that should be good. It will be cool to see if he will be able to make it. After we had weekly planning. AT 2 we had the baptismal interview for Shaw who is the Dad of the Pakbin family. He is doing really amazing things and it is super fun to be able to see them progress to this point. After that we came back to the apartment so that I could take pictures of my bike and be able to take it up to the Member who will help me sell it. After that we had the interviews with the rest of the Pakbin family the son and the mom. Who are awesome people. I love them all so much!! After their interviews they were all set up to be baptized on Saturday. After we went with the Zone Leaders to give a blessing. Which was funny cause we followed them. Which was bad cause they took us on a Toll Road and it's like 30 bucks a car so the mission will be getting a 60 dollar fine slapped on them.  

Friday - We had to finish cleaning my bike and then we took it to see the member to post it on Craig's list. So that should be good. After that we had a whole day of finding which really really sucks.  

Saturday - We had the Baptism of the Pakbin family! It was great service a lot of the ward came to support which blew me away but it was good to see the support of the people to come. It was awesome to watch them commit to change their lives.  

Sunday - We had their confirmation which was really awesome. I confirmed their son Seth which was really awesome. It was an amazing experience.  

Well that was my week Y'all I hope y'all have a fantastic week.  

Love Y'all,  
Elder Justin C. Lee  

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