Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Transferred To The Ft. Worth 8th Ward!

Exchange with the Spanish Elders!

Justin and Parson's with his mission call!

Justin, Elder Bird, Windi, and Mitch
Windi's Baptism!

April 4, 2016
 Well y'all as you can tell from my subject line I am getting Transferred to my last area. I am headed back to Fort Worth to serve in the 8th Ward. Which is right next to my Old YSA Ward. Which is really cool. I am excited for the new changes.  
 Tuesday - We were on an Exchange with the Spanish Elders. It was a good exchange; I was with Elder Wardell who is from North Ogden Utah. He has been out about 12 weeks now. It was awesome. We went out and started contacting people to come to taco Tuesday, which was really fun. I worked poor Elder Wardell into the ground. We taught a ton of lessons at the institute that day. We taught our investigator named Brittany, she was awesome. We read the Book of Mormon with her and I think she understood it. Then we taught Julius but he brought a friend and so then we taught her instead.   Wednesday - We exchanged back and me and Birdy went to the doctor to have a check up on my toes. They were all ship shape and things are going really well with my toes. After that we went to District Meeting which was okay, so that is nice. Then after that we did some weekly planning which turned into weekly help a friend out so we went and helped a YSA member with some stuff. After that we went and taught a couple lessons at the institute. That night we had mix and mingle and so we had a few lessons right after that. We taught this girl in our ward BF he is from SOUTH AFRICA and has a crazy cool accent.  
 Thursday - We stayed in the whole day cause Birdy Boy was sick so I gotta play momma bird and help him with all his sicko things so not much to report there.  
 Friday - We had MLC. So we were at that meeting all day. Then after that we went and gave the 2 transfer missionary in our zone his new mission call. Elder Parsons. Has been called to the TEXAS FORT WORTH MISSION. Which is sick cause it's the BMW (Best Mission in the World) it was cool for him to be a full time missionary. I am excited for him.  
 Saturday - We had General Conference. It was awesome I loved Elder Hallstroms talk about being a true child of God. Asking people if they really believed it. That was a super powerful talk. One of My other favorites from Saturday was in Priesthood session in Russell M. Nelsons talk about sealing families and sacrificing for the priesthood. I thought that was a spot on talk about what really needed to be said. Then in between the Afternoon and the Priesthood sessions we had our baptism. WE baptized Windi !!! Amazing experience for me to be able to stand in the water with her with a feeling of how awesome she is and the opportunities we had to be able to teach her. She is awesome and will do really amazing things.  
 Sunday - Sunday we had GC again and the whole YSA gathered at the institute building to have fun and to party. It was sweet to watch Monson announce 4 new temples. The best part is they were all foreign. I loved conference. Really really awesome. Elder Hollands talk was spot on about what needed to be said.  
 Well family that was my week. I hope y'all have had a good week. Just keep keepin on.  
  Love y'all,  Elder Justin C. Lee  
 P.s New address is: 
Elder Justin Lee
3336 West 6th Street 
Fort Worth TX 76107 

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