Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Easter Elder!

Gift cards were promised if they sent proof that they wore the bunny ears and tails! 

Missionaries will do anything for gift cards!

New Haircut!

March 28, 2016

Hello Family.. I hope your Bunny day was as good as ours was. Really good day of just feeling the Spirit and bring souls unto Christ.

Tuesday - We went and did some Free Speech and tried to bring people to Taco Tuesday again. Which was really awesome we went got a couple dozen to come which was really great. We have been working here in the YSA so that is always good. After that we had a lesson with Julius and things are going really well. After that we had a lesson with a Girl named Brittany who is doing really well she really is doing some great things so far. After that we went up and contacted people. Which Went really well. 

Wednesday - We went on an Exchange. I went up to Gainesville Tx. Which was really nice I was with Elder Parson he is from Houston he is a 2 Transfers missionary. It was good to go on an exchange with him. We had a couple good appointments and than we tracted all day which was good to get my tracting shoes on all day. After that we did a chinese fire drill which was really good. 

Thursday - We exchanged back and than went and did free speech at UNT and that was really good. After that we went to lunch with Julius at Panda Express and it was really really good. After that we taught him. After Julius we had to go and help out a struggling missionary who was going through some tough stuff. After that we taught a lesson with Michael Kidd and Laura Jones Grace who is doing amazing things. She is getting her Patriarchal Blessing and should be going to the Temple for Baptisms and it is really crazy how that is working. But she is doing amazing. Than we had a lesson with Mark. 

Friday - Friday we had weekly planning and than we had dinner. After dinner we had a meeting with a guy named Dustin who is doing really well. 

Saturday -  We had gone out to find some new investigators and we saw a girl sitting under a tree on a log reading the Bible so we walked up to her and started talking and she said that she had seen me in a dream and that I had asked her the Question "Where do you think the True Church of Jesus Christ is?" and so it was really inspired to talk with her but we have a lesson with her on tuesday so that should be good. 

Sunday - Was awesome had Windi who was supposed to be baptized this saturday there and we talked all about her how excited she is. In our lesson that night she asked me to baptize her and so I am excited to perform that ordinance. Well family That is my week. It was a good one. Hope all is well.

Love yall , 

Elder Justin C. Lee 

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