Monday, March 21, 2016

Ingrown Toenail Surgery!

Recovering after surgery!
Shots in toes!

Elder Taylor giving him a hug because his mommy isn't there!

Recovery well!

Shower shoes for a few days!

March 21, 2016 
 Hello Family, 
 Well it's been a good week.  
 Tuesday - Well we went to the Temple this Tuesday and had a great experience.  We went with our Elders Quorum President and he is a boss. We went to the Deseret Bookstore and I bought a CTR Ring which is why there was more money taken out, we bought one so that we could all remember the time that we went to the Temple together. After we went to the temple we had a lesson with Julius Delacruz. It was a really good lesson.  
 Wednesday - Well I had toe Surgery today. It was gross!!! But haha I have some pictures which will be good.  
 Thursday - We went on an Exchange with the APs. So I got to See Elder Peterson. I miss that goofy dude. So me and Elder Brown were comps for the day. We had a really good exchange. I drove all over  DFW which is crazy and so we taught some really good lessons. That night we talked a lot about the Gospel and had a really good deep convo about our time on our mission and about our plans when we leave since we are going home the same time.  
 Friday - We exchanged back and we had a lot of Zone things to do we got new phones and so we had to help them get all that out. We then had a really good day where we taught our investigators and were able to help them come closer to the Gospel.  
 Saturday - We had a lot of service. It was really awesome then we had coordination meeting with our Ward Mission Leader.  
 Sunday - We met with our investigator Windy. She is getting baptized on the 2nd of April. They are also moving to Bountiful in May so they are both excited to go on Double dates and to come to my homecoming. It's awesome. We also had a meeting with our guy Mark Eckert who is getting baptized on Saturday 26th. I am so excited for him.  
 Well family that is my week. I love y'all so much and hope all is well.  
Love You,  
Elder Justin C. Lee  

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