Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Smile, Even When The Work Is Tough!

April 18, 2016
 Hello family,  
Well Family sounds like y'all had a good week. Same really good week and that is always good.  
 Tuesday - Well we had appointments and things are going really well. The investigators we saw are progressing and so that is really helping us out. We had a couple of appointments drop on us so that was really tough but we were able to get out and find some people. We talked with some Catholic guy and we showed him in the bible where the 3 kingdoms are and that shushed him up really quickly. But hey I gave him a card and said to give us a call and we will talk more about what is different with the Catholic faith. Haha 
Wednesday - Was District Meeting and that was awesome. Since being a ZL and seeing all the crappy district meetings I was determined to make a good one. So I established a vision for what we could do and how we would do it. I think it damaged a lot of the Elders in my districts view on the Average which is really really good, cause that has needed to be changed.  
Thursday - We had service at this really really ghetto food pantry. Which is good. But it was super bad we were the only white guys in the place and they were kinda rude to us which is super weird but whatever. After that we had weekly planning and that was really good. After that we had dinner with the Thompson's a really bomb member in the Ward who is doing really well. They are awesome and gave us the key to the gym at their apartment so I am going to be looking really good when I come home..... I hope. But that is good for us.  
Friday - We had every appointment cancel and so that was really rough but we had a lot of contacting and we were able to find a new investigator who was reading the bible when we found her which is really really cool So we hope to be able to teach her this week and so that should be good.  
Saturday - Well we did a lot of finding on Saturday as well and it was really really tough to find all those people but we did it with smiles on our faces. It was really windy so not a lot of people were going out but that is okay we still talked to a lot of people.  
Sunday - Was Church and it was okay. None of our investigators showed so that really really sucked but it was fun non the less. We were still spiritually fed.  
Well family that was my week. I hope all is well at home and I am grateful for your love and your support . Thank you so much and I love y'all.  
 Elder Justin C. Lee  

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