Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New Week New Enthusiasm!

Only in Texas!

April 25, 2016 
 Well Hello Family Sounds like Y'all are doing what Elder Lee is and working your selves in to the ground. Good Work. It will all be worth it in the End.  
 Tuesday- We had UGM which is a soup kitchen where we do service ever single week. It is pretty good. It was good this week cause we had this lady bash with us while we were serving her food. Haha really humbling experience. But then we came home cause we had the AC guy coming to fix our AC which he did so it will be nice and cool for the summer now. Which is really really good I guess and things will be going good there. After that we taught a couple of lesson to a LA family we have been teaching for the past couple of weeks and it was really good.  
 Wednesday - We had interviews with President Ames. It was good cause it was my last official interview with President Ames, well besides my Exit interview, but that was good. After that we came home and ate and then took off to teach a few lessons which was really really good. After that we had a lesson with one of our Investigators where we set his eye on getting baptized. So we hope that it happens here soon I will keep you posted.  
 Thursday - We had weekly planning and it was awesome. We did a lot of good things and I think we have like 10 appointments set up for right now so we should be full for this week. But any who after that we had a lesson with some Less active people but we ended up teaching there nonmember Friend about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which was good. She had some objections, but that is okay, we were able to help her out with those. Then we taught a family who was less nice to us but that's okay.  
 Friday - We had service at this LA lady's house and it was awesome we had a huge bonfire which was really really sick. I’ll send you pictures later of what it looks like, but we helped here out. Then we had a few lessons with some investigators which was really good cause we had helped them come closer to baptism so that should be good. I hope to have them set up for a date at the end of June.  
 Saturday - was a really awesome day. So we had a conference for all DL/ZL and it was awesome it was with Elder Foster of the Quorum of the 70. He taught us really good leadership principles which was really good. I hope to apply a lot of what I learned in to how I lead and how I guide my district and how I will one day lead my family. Then we had Stake Conference which was really good.  
 Sunday - We had Stake Conference which was really good cause it was packed to the roof with people. Church is strong in Fort Worth a lot of good members of the Church. After that we had a lesson with a Family who has 5 Kids. They have been looking into the Church and getting kinda converted. So we set a baptismal date for the whole family on May 14th 2016. Which is good. I am excited to see where they can Go. They are awesome.  
 Well Family that was my week I hope all is well. I love y'all and keep on keeping on.  
Elder Justin Lee  

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