Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Superbowl Champs & Upcoming Baptisms!

Mission Leadership Counsel 
February 8, 2016
 Well Hello family, 
Well that is awesome we are Super Bowl champs and it made a great end to my week! Hahaha  
Well Tuesday - Tuesday we had Free speech at TWU which was really good till a young woman just walked up to me and started talking Anti to me! That was really really fun! After that we had good ole Taco Tuesday! It was really awesome! After that we had some really good appointments. One was with our guy Julius! It was awesome he is a stud and he is working really really hard at getting better! His baptism is this Saturday and so that should be good!  We're really really excited! That night we had a lesson with our Guy Fernando and he is doing really well! He is working really really really hard at getting a testimony. But he accepted a date for March 26th so that should be really really good! It's an amazing experience that we have to teach him and get to know him.  
Wednesday - we had District Meeting and it was good! We are working with our DL on good effective district meetings and we are doing really awesome working with them! It's coming along. Well after that we had an exchange so it was back to the old Two wheeler getting the legs a good work out! I was in Elder Parkins area working! We tried to find! But at the end of the day no luck.  
Thursday - we exchanged back and had an awesome day! Me and Elder Peterson are awesome we are doing great! We sat down and talked about those things and worked through them! It was really awesome! After that we had a couple of good Appointments and we killed it!  
Friday - we had MLC Which was a really good meeting and after that we came home had an appointment and then planned our DLC:)  
Saturday - We had DLC which was awesome probably the best one I have been too on my mission! Then after that we had an appointment with two people who just wanted to bash with us the entire time! It was really frustrating to have them waist our time like that! But oh well we got over pretty fast! Then we had dinner with some awesome members! It was awesome and it really was a good experience! Then we had another awesome lesson with Fernando which we read the BOM with him and it was awesome!  
Sunday was an amazing day we were able to have our SMC meeting with our Stake President and us! It was awesome cause President Kaufman was there from the mission which was amazing! We then had 3 investigators at church and it was amazing!  
Well family that was my week!  
With all my Love, Elder Justin Lee:)  

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