Monday, February 1, 2016

Hell Burger & Traffic Ticket!

Eating a Hell Burger!

New Haircut!

February 1, 2016
 Family, how are things going y'all, I miss y'all and love you. Well it's been a really amazing week and things are going really well!  
 Tuesday - well we had Free Speech and it was crazy cold this last week. Had an amazing time though. It was an awesome experience! After that we had Taco Tuesday which is a really fun thing to do with the kids in the building! Later that night we had a couple of appointments which was really good! We had an appointment with our investigator Julius who is Doing really really well, it's awesome to see. 
Wednesday - We had district meeting and we had an awesome one. After words we went on an exchange with Elder Bowels and Sikaleti! I was with Elder Bowels in my area and things went really well! We had some service for our old Elders Quorum President and helped him pack to move back to good ole Utah. It was awesome. I will hit him up after the mission. But we then had Mix and Mingle and it was awesome. After that we went out to Krum, Tx. to contact a couple of referrals we had.  
Thursday - we did Free Speech at UNT which went really good, we were able to hand out about 25 BOM AND SET UP A GOOD CHUNCK OF appointments. (No clue why I put that in caps but I did) That was awesome to be able to get all of the ZL Stuff we had to get done and to be able to get things going. We were able to have a few appointments with Fernando and with a couple other solid investigators! Haha well then I got a call on the phone that said I got caught on camera I guess running a red light. So a ticket got sent to the mission office. So it's not on my record. But I talk to my bishop and WML and they say that the camera deal is a big scam and told me not to pay it! So I will look at the ticket and evaluate. And then I will make a choice! I think I am not going to pay it cause it's not on my record so I probably won't but I don't know. Haha yeah.  
Friday - we went to Roosters with some missionaries so that we could eat the Hell Burger which is this 3 Dollar burger that is super-hot! Like way hot but it was fun cause the memories. We then had Friday Forum. Which we had an investigator Mandy who was there and who's dad is a member but she isn't so we were able to set up an appointment with her and get it set up! It was awesome that she came. Then we had a few appointments. Then weekly planning and we were able to get our day all squared away and to be all set up for our week. That night we had coordination with our WML. After that it was really really good. Which I love.  
Saturday - we had an open day so we did a lot of finding and getting things done for the zone which was good! We saw and contacted a lot of good referrals and got that all done and it was really awesome that we were able to get that done!  
Sunday - was awesome good had 3 people at church and was an awesome day. We had a priesthood meeting which was good!  
 Well y'all that was my week but I love y'all and I miss y'all a lot!  
 Love,  Elder Justin C. Lee  

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