Monday, January 25, 2016

Beautiful Week In Denton!

Elder Christofferson and President Ames at last weeks visit!

I really don't know...

January 25, 2016 
Hey Y'all,  
We Had another great week here in Texas and I think it's going really great.  
Tuesday - Well we had an exchange with the Elders from Gainesville. I was with Elder Nanney from Syracuse, UT. Yeah he went to SHS and was a good ole Member of the Choir department, but we had a good exchange. We had a Lesson with Fernando who is progressing quite well lately. We also did service for Laura who is awesome. We raked leafs out of her front yard and it was really nice to be outside cause it is really really nice here. That night we had a few more appointments with some of our other investigators.  
Wednesday - We had a World Wide Missionary meeting this past week from SLC. It was all the missions in the World. There is 75,000 of us around the World so we are quite the might force of God. After that our Sisters in our zone got in a Car Accident so we had to go and get everything straightened out.  Sisters haha. Then we had Mix and Mingle and we had a few investigators there and so it was good to be able to socialize with them and to be able help them meet new people. After that we had a Lesson with Michael Kidd and also Aaron Moody who is the Coolest guy around. Haha 
Thursday - We had an appointment with an Investigator who has a baptismal date for Feb 13th. He is going along quite well. We are hoping we can teach him everything and be able to help him get to the Water. We also had a lesson with another gal from UNT. She is great and  is really soaking in the gospel. Then we’re planning and also had an appointment with Andrew Sansom who is a stud member missionary and will be a stud missionary.  
Friday - We had a Lesson with a referral, she is just like ready to hear the gospel. She prayed at the end of our lesson and she was in tears with the Joy she felt from having the Elders over to her house. After that we had Friday Forum which is a really good activity which is where we have a lunch together. After that we had some Finding and after we had Finding we had a lesson with a LA who is struggling with his testimony. After that we had the Back to Institute bash which went really really well.  
Saturday - We had lesson after lesson after lesson. We are back to full schedules and so this makes our weeks really really tough. But we taught about 6 Lessons that day and they all went really really well. We had Fernando again. Who I think is going to get baptized here really soon. We had another lesson with a Roommate of a member in the Ward who really just loves activities. It was an awesome week.  
Sunday - Well we had ourselves a good ole Sabbath day. We had 2 investigators at church and also had a good group of Returning members there as well. It was a great day. Then we had Our Ward Blitz which is where we go and see people who we just do not see anymore. So that went good.  
 Well family there is my week. Thank you so much for all your love and support and for the Prayers they really help thank you.  
Love y'all,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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