Thursday, February 18, 2016

Julius' Baptism!

Julius' Baptism! 

Justin and Elder Peterson " The LEGacy" 

Pinky Promises!

February 16, 2016
 Well Another day another dollar. I have had a pretty crazy week for me so let's get too it.  
Tuesday- We get a call from President Ames that says we need to go get some missionaries in our Zone and drive them down to our mission office. So we took the missionaries and it took us an hour to get to them and then 2 hours to get to the mission office. When we get there President Ames calls Elder Peterson into his office and tells him that he is going to be the New Assistant. Which is really funny cause I thought he would be it. Well after that we drove home and were able to get some studying done for Zone Council.  
Wednesday - We had Zone Council. It was pretty awesome we were able to have a great meeting, seeing that we spent maybe 2 hours on it, we were still able to have a good one. After that we had to do a lot of administration with in our zone and stuff cause we were trying to help them out. So that was fun. That night we had dinner with a member at a really good restaurant. We then had a couple of great meetings with some Investigators.  
Thursday - We had Free Speech which was really good. We were able to get a lot of numbers for them and to be able to contact a lot of people. So it was really good. After that we went and Elder Peterson had to go pack cause he was a new assistant. So I was in a trio with Elder Bigler and Elder Hooper for a couple of days while Peterson was down in Colleyville being Trained. After that we ate dinner with a guy named Brother Pumphry who made Carna Asada which was good. After that we had some stop by appointments with some people.  
Friday - Well we had a good day we had some really good appointments. First being with Fernando who has a baptism date for March 26th. Were pretty excited about that. We had a slew of great things happen, planned out our baptism for this week, and we then had a few appointments. That night we picked up Elder Peterson.  
Saturday - We had Julius DelaCruz's baptism which was really good. He was so happy. He brought like a Ton of his Friends with him so it was cool to be able to see the change in him for the past 3 months I have been here teaching him. It was awesome. After that we went home so that Elder Peterson could pack up again. He had to pack all of his stuff so that he could get down to Colleyville for his Transfers.  Thewe had dinner with a Family and left.  
Sunday-  We had church. IT was awesome I had the opportunity to Confirm Julius and it was an awesome experience. We also had an opportunity to teach some of Elder Peterson's RC who were still here in the Ward. It was awesome. Then Elder Peterson left for Colleyville so me and Elder Bigler and Hooper are now in a Trio till Saturday when my new Companion Elder Bird Comes In. I served around Elder Bird in Watuaga.  
Well that's all for this week family I am grateful for y'all and Love y'all.  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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