Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First Week With Elder Bird!

Justin and Elder Bird!

Denton Zone!

February 22, 2016
 Hello Family, 
 Well another Week of Great and Amazing experiences which I hold dear to my heart. Some amazing things are going on here in Denton.  
Tuesday - We were really busy having all kinds of fun things running around with our heads cut off, which was really nice. haha not! We had lunch with Elder Bigler and Elder Hoopers member that they lived with. Then we went and cleaned up so that Sisters could move into their apartment. Which Made for a Very long night.  
 Wednesday - We got up at 5 So that we could meet the ride to Transfers at the Stake Center. Which was good. Then Me and Elder Broberg had to go and play Mormon mover. We had to Move the sisters from their apartment to Elder Biglers apartment. Then we had to drive and get another Set of Elders things and move his stuff into the Sisters stuff so that we could close down that area. Which was just a lot of moving stuff. After that we met Elder Brobergs Companion at the Stake Center and then after that we met Elder Bird at the Stake Center. So me and Elder Bird went to our apartment so that he would be able to unpack his things and get all settled in. After that we had to go and Plan out our Transfers. Which was really good. It was nice to be back in the YSA and not have to bounce around with other companions in other areas. But we were able to teach one appointment that night, which went really really well.   
 Thursday - We were so busy with Free Speech which was really crazy. We talk to so many people. We had a sign out front that Said "What is your Purpose" which everyone came up and wrote what they thought their purpose was and we helped them see what gods purpose was for them. After that we had a few dozen appointments. We sat in the Institute all day and taught lessons. We taught a couple of investigators who were really getting close to Progressing. Which is What I love the most about it.  
 Friday - We had a lot of Planning to get done so that we could be ready for our week coming up which is good. We have about 20ish Lessons planned for the Week. Which as a mission we are really focusing on getting every single companionship to focus on getting at least 20 lessons a week. Which was really really good. We had a lesson that night with a member named Andrew Sansom which he is a stud Missionary and is ready to work hard.  
 Saturday - We had to Plan our Zone Conference which is coming up this week which was really good. We then had Coordination meeting with our WML Bryce. It was a really great meeting with him. After that we had an appointment with Grace who is just progressing really well. She has been working really hard at getting back to church and she really is getting to where she needs to be. After that we had a meeting with Erin who is another member who is going on a mission and she is doing a lot of great things. Then we had a message for Fernando. He is doing a lot of amazing things and is working really hard at becoming better. He has a baptismal Date for the 26th of March.  
 Sunday - We had church and that was awesome we had 3 Investigators at church this Sunday and that was really awesome. Church was good I was able to Stand with My Guy Eric Walker after he got the Melchizedek Priesthood. That was a really tender experience. After that we went to the Mission President Fireside and he was able to help an investigator to receive the answer the Book of Mormon is true and she loves it so we should have another baptism coming up soon. I am so grateful for all of the people I get to teach and get to be with because they truly work so hard at everything they do.  Well family that’s my letter this week. I love yall so much.  
Love,  Elder Justin C. Lee  

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