Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Justin!

Michael Kidd and Laura Jones bring birthday fun!

Birthday Deliveries!


Watching his birthday video!
February 29, 2016
 Hey Hello Family 
 Hope all is Going well!!! Thanks so much for all the Birthday wishes I love you and am grateful for the support. This week has been one Miracle after another Miracle.  
 Tuesday - Well we had Zone Conference this last week. President Ames did an amazing Job! We had to roll play in front of the whole zone which was really scary, I really sucked at it but hey I always say this "No man is worthless he can always serve as the bad example" haha But it was really awesome. We learned a lot about how we can be more persuasive teachers. I am working on applying what I learned so that I can be that person on my mission.  
 Wednesday - We literally sat in the Institute all day long and taught lessons! It was pretty awesome and we really did enjoy that a lot. We taught a gal that was a referral from Elder Bingham one of the Missionaries me and Elder Bird served around in Watauga. She is awesome and Is reading the Book of Mormon. Also we had a great lesson with a less active guy. Just seems to not want the gospel in his life so much since he has been out. But we are working with him and we are giving him help. Also we had a lesson with our investigators from Ethiopia. Been doing some good work with them, they came to church this last Sunday.  
 Thursday - We had a great day. We had a really great time at Free Speech which was good cause we were able to talk to a lot of people and were able to help them out and make them prepare for the Gospel. After that we had a lesson with Julius! Julius is just rolling on and on! I love it! He is doing a really amazing thing. He is on pace to get the Aaronic Priesthood. Then we had to do a lot of paper work for our Truck cause Elder Peterson hit the side of the Garage. So that really sucked but it's okay. Yes! Elder Peterson not Elder Lee. ELDER PETERSON!!! After that we had a lesson with Michael Kidd and Laura Jones who are literally my two favorite members in this Ward. They are so cool and we are so Grateful for them. Then we had a lesson with Grace Neilson and she is doing amazing as well. Really just full of the spirit and is loving it.  
 Friday - Friday we had Weekly Planning and it was good. We were able to set up a lot of appointments. We had Friday Forum which was a lunch at the institute building. Everyone sang happy Birthday to me. Then we went to dinner at the Mellow Mushroom which is a pizza place here in Texas which is pretty good Pizza I like it a lot. That night we had a lesson with Fernando. Who has a baptism date for the 26th of March I love It. He is doing really really really well. That night I got a surprise from Michael Kidd and Laura Jones who brought me a Giant Cupcake and a Balloon. It was a good birthday.  
 Saturday - We had a little bit of things to do to get ready for Taco Tuesday on Tuesday so we went to the Church to get that all taken care of. Then we had a Coordination meeting with our WML who is super funny we have become quite the Friends. Which is really good.   We had a lot of Success so our meeting was quite long. Then we had a lesson with a RC who is just ready to do some missionary work. She has some friends that she wants done, which is really good for her. After that we had dinner with Sesly who is really cool and probably my top 5 favorite member here in the Ward. She is awesome and is a killer missionary. After that we had a lesson with Shandi who is member here in the Ward and she is doing amazing. Really great missionary and has an amazing spirit about her. After that we had a lesson with Fernando Moreno who is doing really great things.  
 Sunday - We had church as ALL Mormons do on Sunday and it was really awesome cause we had 3 investigators at Sacrament meeting this past week. It was awesome. After church we had a stellar lesson with one of our investigators who was at church. He did some amazing things. He wanted to be baptized so we set him up with a date to be baptized on March 26th which was really really good! :) That night we had a lesson with a girl named Wendy who is an amazing gal! We committed her to be baptized on April 2nd 2016 which I am so excited about doing. She will do awesome.  
 Well family that is my week and it was awesome!! :)  
 Love y'all,  Elder Justin C. Lee  
 P.s Mom I got your package thank you so much I loved it! Besides all the sweets you sent cause you know that I am losing weight and your making me fat. So we will discuss that later. But I loved the Movie it was great!! Thanks for the Party you threw me as Well!! :)  

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