Monday, March 7, 2016

Another Great Week In Denton!

Justin and Elder Bird!

Justin and Elder Bird crying repentance to the people at free speech
March 7, 2016 
Hello Family..... It’s so good to be able to hear how the week is going. I am so glad that y'all are doing so well.  
 Tuesday - We had Taco Tuesday and we just went out and asked kids at the UNT campus to come get free tacos. Which if I am a poor college student I am all over that no matter what church you’re from. But UNT kids I guess don't get. So we had about 3 that we invited to come to our Taco Tuesday. That Day we had another lesson with Julius. He is doing really well. I love that dude. He is just working so hard at learning as much as he Can. We than had a lesson with Brittany. She is a great referral from her BFF at BYUI which was cool. But she is awesome and we love teaching her. Her fellowship and her are going to go try Boxing and she how well they can do, so we are grateful for the members of the Ward for stepping in and making new friends. That night we taught Fernando. He is doing really awesome and I think he is probably doing the best he can do. I think he is pretty cool.  
 Wednesday - We had District Meeting. Which  was a pretty good meeting. After that we had to go to TWU so that we could do some Free Speech which is our biggest finding tool I think so far. So it was pretty good not too many people but we tried really hard. After that we had an appointment cancel and so we decided to make a Lemonade stand for the activity that we had at the institute building. That night we had an appointment with a girl in the Ward whose BF is taking the lessons. Which is good. But she is doing really awesome things to help him to the Church. Haha Flirt to Convert right?!? ;) haha JK.  
 Thursday - We taught someone we met at TWU and she was really excited about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We showed her more about the Church and we look forward to meeting with her again which I think is always a blessing when you get a return appointment with someone. After that we had Weekly Planning and it went really really well. Then we taught Julius Delacruz and that was a really good lesson. This day also sucked cause I got my Call from the Mission office just asking me all about who my bishop was and stake president and also what airport I was flying home to. I said to TEXAS FORT WORTH! The office sister told me my mom would kill her so she booked it for SLC but whatever.  
 Friday - Well we had Mission Leader Conference and that was really really awesome. It was good cause I got to see Elder Peterson. We had resolved concerns and now I think we are like brothers. So it was good to see him he is doing really really good. After the meeting Me and Elder Bird took back off to Denton and we had dinner with Erin. Erin was the one who sent the picture to y'all. Which is fun. We taught her friend and her Mom which was really good.  
 Saturday - Well we really had appointments all day long and had a really busy day just teaching which is really what you want to do right. But all those lesson went really good and we were really tired after that.  
 Sunday - We had SMC which is a meeting with President Kaufman of the mission presidency and also with the Stake President. Which was fun for us. We had a good meeting then we had our church. We had 4 people at church which was really good. We are working really hard to help them all progress and I think they are all doing really well. That night we taught our sweet investigator Windi who is doing really awesome! She will be up in Utah this next week, In Bountiful so that is cool. She is going with her BF Mitch who is also a really big stud.  
 Well family that is my week,  
I love y'all,  
Elder Justin C. Lee  

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