Monday, January 4, 2016

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!!

Trying to look a little smarter in glasses!

Obviously the glasses didn't help his intelligence because he is holding a baby python. 

January 4, 2016 

Hello Family,  

Well My week is really good. it sounds like yall had a really amazing week this past week. Its super exciting to share with you my week.  

Tuesday - Well we were on an exchange with the ASL Elders up here in Denton! ASL - Stands for American Sign Language Missionaries! I was with Elder Truchard who has been on his mission for about 2 transfers. It was a really good exchange I was able to study a lot because Elder Truchard sprained his Ankle really bad so I was able to sympathize with him. It was nice. We were able to teach a lot of good lessons and to be able have a good exchange.  
Wednesday - We exchanged back and then me and Elder Peterson took off to Gainesville. Which is like about a 35-minute drive, so that was a really good chunk of our time! Then we drove back with the Gainesville Elders. After that we had District meeting and it was really good. After that we had a nice day of Running missionaries around and getting missionaries to their cars in the Shop and things like that! But after that we had a sweet lesson with a guy in the ward and Committed him to make a personal mission plan. It was super good and he really enjoyed the lesson. The last part of the lesson a dog peed on my shoe! I was super mad!!! :)  
Thursday - Well we had weekly planning it was super good! Then we went and did service at a Church! It was a soup kitchen and some lady just like bashed me the entire time. haha I was really nice until she said my family would go to hell!! "those be bashing words"! So I kinda tore her apart in a nice way using scriptures and using Jesus Christ loves you! So do not be upset!! :) WE then taught a good amount of lessons again! that evening that went really good.  
Friday- So Friday was MLC! So we were in Hurst till about 5 pm! We got back to Denton at about 6pm and had dinner! After dinner we started planning for DLC!  
Saturday - We had DLC and then went to lunch with the Spanish Elder up here! it was nice to talk to them about what we feel the Zone needs and they gave us a lot of good advice! Then After that we had to send out a lot of emails about Transfers and make sure we have everything put together. Then that night we taught an amazing Guy named Franado! he is awesome we were able to teach him the First lesson. It was awesome and we committed him to come to church.  
Sunday- So Frenando came to church! He is a boss a lot of members love him already. So we are so excited for him! Church was awesome!  

Well family I will be staying along with Elder Peterson so we are looking forward to another transfer!!  

Well I love yall so much!!! :)  

Elder Justin C. Lee  

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