Monday, December 28, 2015

A Texas Christmas!!

"These are the hands that pray for me each night" Everybody that Justin loves put their hand print on the pillow case. 

Doing the Nativity.

District meeting. 

Keeping the Denver fan alive in a sea of Cowboy fans!

Singing at the retirement home!

December 28, 2015
 Hello Family!  
 Well it will be a relative shorter letter considering I just talked to you on Friday! :)  
Tuesday - well it was a nice bright day and so of course we went on an exchange! I was with Elder Sammons who serves in Gainesville Tx. It was really fun cause we taught some really good lessons and were able to help some folks become investigators! It really was bump cause we had a lot of appointments drop on us last second! So that is really fun!  
Wednesday - we had district meeting! But before that we were able to give one of the sisters’ investigators a blessing! We were able to help her with some things she was going through and we feel like it really helped her out as well! After that me and Elder P. Had a lot of planning for Christmas to get done and a lot of emails to send to the mission. We were able to get that all organized and put together so that we could have a fun day!  
Christmas Eve - we did a little bit more planning and hoped that it would go better! But that night we went to the Richie's and had a really good evening with their family! They did the Nativity and it was just like when we were kids at Grandpa and Grandma Brophy’s house! It was super funny! :) All the little kids did amazing! That night we had to go play Santa for a bunch of missionaries and it was really fun! We had a sleep over with the Gainesville Elders! They stayed with us since they live out in the booneys of nowhere so that was really fun! That night I kept the Lee tradition alive and watched Mr. Krugers Christmas. Elder P. Laughed but it was fun! :)  
 Christmas- We did service at the old folks home. It was really fun we sang Christmas hymns and talked with a lot of people! That night we went to our Recent Converts house his name is Michael Kidds! It was so fun! We played games and had a Holly Jolly Christmas! Then I talked to my 2 favorite people in the world! 1. Family 2. Meg! I was a little more excited about Number 2! But hey can you blame me! :) 
 Saturday - was quite the day a lot of time just running getting mission stuff done and we were able to get a lot of stuff done! We also had 2 appointments and they were really good with LA members of the Ward!  
 Sunday - we had church, we had 2 nonmembers there and they were awesome! We were only able to set up an appointment with one! So we are excited about that! We also had a lesson with a potential investigator! It went well and we got a return appointment! So were excited to teach him about the gospel of Jesus Christ!  

Well y'all I miss you and I love you so much,  
 Elder Justin C. Lee 
P.S. About the Tornados-  No it didn't come close to Denton! No members to my knowledge were affected! :)  

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