Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Devotional!

December 21, 2015

Hello Family,  
Well it’s been a pretty full week up here in Denton. Sounds like yall have been having some fun up in Utah so!!  
Tuesday - Well we had the Christmas Devotional! It was really really cool experience! A lot of fun. We were able to watch the Christmas Carol. The old one! IT was a lot like last year! Well the Same thing as last year to be 100% honest. But it was really good! But after we got back we did a lot of running around and were able to get everything done that we needed to! So it was a really good day!  
 Wednesday - We had a district Meeting with one of the Districts in our Zone that we needed to attend! After that we were able to go on an exchange! I was in Elder Wades area in Denton! It was awesome I puked cause I got really car sick. So it was really really nice! I also got Grandma Lees package tell them thank you so much for the package and it was amazing to hear from them.   
Thursday - We exchanged back and me and Elder Peterson were able to get to Work! We taught a young couple who were really excited about hearing the gospel but at the same time we were able to answer a lot of the thing they had heard about Mormons and it was quite the lesson. After that lesson we were able to look for some potentials and then head off to dinner! At dinner the Member had her friend with her so we were able to teach the friend as well as the Group of members that was sitting around. It was a really great lesson. That night we had to take care of some ZL stuff and had to look more fully into our Zone.  
 Friday - Friday we had another Exchange this time I was with Elder Wolfert of Heber City. He is a stud, he has been out 5 months and is looking really promising for a future leader in this mission. It was awesome! So we were able to have a meeting with the Bonds, a senior couple in the Ward, who teach institute Classes as the Denton Institute. Which is really good if you ask me! But we made a list of 118 or our friends that we know nothing about so we are going to go and see these people and bring them back. After that we had dinner at a place called Roosters and it was super good! I got a Jalapeno burger it was so good! It was really awesome! that night we taught a couple of Street lessons. After we had a lesson with our Recent ConvertMichael , who is just a stud Muffin! I love him! But it was a Killer lesson with him!  
 Saturday - Me and Elder Peterson had a really good day! We had to send out a few Emails and get everything put together in that aspect of things. After that we had to Call and Talk with President Ames. It was a really good phone call! He helped us understand some things! That Man is my Favorite! haha I think he likes me too so that makes me feel really special! So Yeah that night we had a lesson with a LA in the Ward which was really nice!  
 Sunday - Sunday was a really good day! I love being able to partake of the Sacrament which I love. It’s even better when we are able to do that with an Investigator there! Our investigator had a really good time,  he loved church and loved all the people.  
 Well that was my week! I am excited to Skype yall this week!! See you Thursday.  
Elder Justin C. Lee  
  Mom Thanks so much mom! I did get my package along with Grandma Brophys card tell them thanks!   

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