Monday, December 14, 2015

Shooting On Fry Street!

Pig in the house! 
Denton Zone!

December 14, 2015

Haha Well don't freak out by my title! But anyway sounds like y'all had a pretty fun week and that things are just moving forward there. My week was fun but also really busy till this weekend so that is fun. Let's hop to it.  
Tuesday - well Tuesday was a fun day we went and did service at a place called our daily bread. It's a Christian group that services food and clothing for those who are homeless and gives them something to live on and eat.  So it was a really fun experience for us.  After that we had a lesson with a lady we talked to on the street a couple of weeks ago. It was great but I don't know how active she will be in learning more. We still pray for her. That night we had dinner with a member named Mikayla and it was really fun. She is a great lady about to seal the deal with her boyfriend this next week. So that should be fun. That night we had an appointment with some of the less active folks in the Ward, which I like a lot. They just kinda let their schedules get away from them and forget about church! It was Finals week so they had a lot to study for. Which is good for them at least. 
Wednesday - well me and Elder Peterson put together our Zone Council  for our zone meeting the next day. After that we were busy in the institute building teaching lessons all week long. We taught a Dude who is super sick and served his mission in Germany which I thought was way cool. He was so fun he just went home this past week to Bountiful. So that was good we also, that night, had Mix and Mingle which is where all the students come in and the bishopric provides dinner for all the YSA! It was good. That night we had a lesson With Grace! Grace is so fun to share the Gospewith cause she asks such amazing questions about how we can do this or  how we can do that!  She is awesome and we plan on having a lesson with her via Skype this next week so that we can stay in touch. After that we talked to Brock who is one of the YSA members who is just a stud! Loves the gospel and loves the Elders. 
Thursday - well we had Zone Council which was really fun cause the Spanish APs and the APs showed up and attended our zone council and it went really well and it was a great spiritual experience for the members of our zone as well as us. After that meeting we went on an Exchange with the Assistants! I went down to Colleyville with Elder Tanner who is from Riverton. So that is really cool. We didn't really have much to do but cause they serve in a YSA as well so they know the pain of Christmas! But we had a lot of fun! 
Friday - well we came back up and started our day in Denton. We had about a handful of appointments and it was going really well. We met with Less active members as well as meeting with some members. They are great and things are really starting to move forward in the Denton  YSA Ward and I love it! All the kids are really excited about the new year! 
Saturday - We had a few appointments that night and thing were great! We had a lesson with an investigator who is just a stud and knows his stuff about the gospel. I love it. Like he knows it's all true he just has to do it. If that makes any sense. But that night we had a lesson with our high councilman over missionary work cause we had our SMC meeting which is just a meeting where the ZLs and the stake presidency talk about the missionary work in the stake! Really good meeting.  But after that we had dinner with our high councilman then we had another lesson with a member. Well now to explain the title: so we live right next to Fry Street which is covered with bars. So students go there and get drunk all the time. Well there was a guy there who had been drinking and was carrying around an Ax busting out windows and stuff on cars! So the police were called and he charged the officer. So the officer shot and killed him! Well me and Elder Peterson woke up at around 2 am cause so many people were screaming outside the apartment. So it was like 200 yards away! Pretty crazy stuff though! 
Sunday was awesome. We had our SMC meeting with our stake president and he is a pretty awesome guy.  Then we had church and after church we had dinner then we had the stake music program that is called Christmas Joys. They have a huge choir and a big band/orchestra playing music and it was really good!  Well family that was my week and things seem to be going really well around here and I think I am loving!   Love you, Elder Justin C. Lee 

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