Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Denton Zone Conference!

Wearing Elder Peterson's glasses. 

Missionaries Justin was in the MTC with!

Elder Peterson's hot cocoa mug!

Christmas Devotional! 

December 7, 2015 

Hey Well Busy Busy Busy here!!!!  

Monday - Well I went to FHE last week! It was fun we had a couple of LA members there so it was really cool to see them progress and want to make covenants!!  
Tuesday - Elder Peterson needed his Hair cut since it was Zone Conference this past week and so we were able to do that. Then we had what’s called Taco Tuesday. Which is where we open the doors on the institute building and the Martinos who are a senior couple here in the ward feed the kids tacos so they can bring their friends. After that we had to plan Zone Conference and get the Agenda all typed up and sent to President Ames and be able to share our experience with him! Which is really good. After that we had a lesson with Giorgi! She is a great gal. Really is looking to strengthen her faith in Jesus Christ and be able to share that with others. So we taught her about the Restoration and were able to let her feel the love of Christ. After that we had a lesson with Grace! Grace is a member and is just stellar. She is a singer and has been kicking butt and taking names in that department and she is really just working hard and is great! Then we had dinner with Bryce a kid that’s about to hit the field here soon! He is really excited to be going out and sharing the gospel! It was really awesome! Then we had an appointment with Matthew! Which was really good! He is a great guy with a great knowledge of the Bible and is really moving forward at a really fast pace! It’s amazing how he has progressed!  
Wednesday - Wednesday was Zone Conference and it was really a great experience. It was cool cause I had the privilege of sitting next to President Ames the entire meeting. Just to be able to learn from him was such a privilege! I think we are such good friends to be honest! I have learned so much from him. And I have caused him to grow more Gray hair. jk:) I love him! haha But Zone Conference was a great experience and I loved it.  
Thursday - We had Free speech! So that is when we can go on to the campus and talk to as many people as we want! It’s pretty fun to be able to do free speech with tons of members. I was able to, with the help of the lord and the spirit, teach 9 Lessons and place 12 copies of the book of Mormon and so it was a really successful day. It was nice to hear from these people. That night we were able to teach Dust. He is a really cool dude. He is a member and is a great example. He is working really hard at Pac Sun! he’s a pretty awesome guy. He has such a great spirit about him. We then taught Matthew again, He is a stud. we were able to talk about the roll of the Book of Mormon and it was such a great experience to be able to teach him.  
Friday - We had MLC which is for all the ZL's and STL's and President Ames. It was a really okay meeting. It was nice cause it was a lot of recap cause there are things here that we just are not doing and not moving it forward. So it was a good reminder. After that we had dinner with a Recent Convert named Michael and it was such a great experience to be able to share that with him. He is a stud of a convert and is just a super  fun guy. I really like him.  
Saturday - WE had DLC. We came up with a plan to be able to discuss things with our zone and how we will put the plans into action and how we will be able to move the work forward and help us reach our goals. It was a good meeting. That night we had a lesson with Rachelle and she is an awesome member as well. Is a Music Major at UNT and is working really hard at that. She is a great gal and has a strong Testimony from the gospel of Jesus Christ. We then had a lesson with a girl named Kayla. Kayla we met at free speech and she is just a really bubbly gal and Is doing really amazing things! She is just a Christ loving person and wants to find a church and wants to look for something more in her life.  
Sunday - Well we got a call from our ASL elders in our zone and they had to go to Lewisville because they had a Stake Conference to be at! It was fun to go back to my old home and to see some of the old folks that I worked with when I was there it was really great. After that we came back and had our YSA sacrament meeting! It was awesome cause we had Kayla at church and everyone loved her! She was just warm and open to the Gospel and think she will soon make the right steps towards the gospel of Jesus Christ! it’s been really amazing! But anywho.. That night we went Caroling and then we went and watched the First Presidency Devotional! It was really awesome and I really love it!  

Well Yall that was my week and everything is going really well here. I am loving it!  

Elder Justin Lee 

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