Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Visit From Elder Christofferson!

A man and his truck!

The zone before transfers!

January 11, 2016
Hello Again Family,  
Hey well sounds like y'all had quite the amazing week! My week was amazing as well!  
Tuesday - Well that day was nice we were able to have a lot of appointments we were busy all day long with investigators, members, and people like that! We had a really amazing appointment with a guy named Ryan. Ryan is a member and is a stud! Knows his scriptures very very well. Is in the army but will be staying around to go to school for a while! Our lesson was really really touching as I sat back and listened it made our talk about the Book of Mormon. It was meaningful as we talked about how it has blessed our life. It's been such a joy to bring that to others!  Wednesday - well Wednesday came around and it was transfers so a lot of new missionaries came into the zone so that made things very good for us. A lot of new faces. That day we had to sit down and Plan more zone council! Which was really good! That night we had a lot of appointments as well and our night was full of teaching! This girl we taught was really upbeat and excited about the gospel! So we hope to see something promising outta that!  
Thursday - We had Zone Council. It is super hard to plan zone council. But it’s okay cause our meeting was even better than I thought!  So after that we had A lot of lessons which it was crazy cause we had a lot of zone things to do! But we were able to get everything done.  
Friday - we were able to have more lessons and be able to get all of that stuff done that we had to! We also prepared ourselves for Elder D. Todd Christofferson.  
Saturday - Well Elder Christofferson came to the mission. It was really cool to be able learn at the feet of an apostle! He was an amazing man! He taught a lot of cool doctrine! I was able to read a scripture for him! Yeah then he said "If you go home and think that God owes you something and I hear you say that, I'll choke you". Haha it was pretty fun! But it was an amazing meeting and that was awesome to have the chance to do!  
Sunday - Sunday was amazing we were able to have a lot of people at church, we had 3 investigators this week and it was an amazing week to be able to have all our other investigators at church and to work with them! It was an amazing experience!  But the rest of our Sunday was really good!  

Well family there is my week and it was awesome! Thanks for the prayers and the love!  
Love, Elder Justin C. Lee 

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