Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tornado Warning!

New haircut

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November 9, 2015

Hey family,  

Well now that y'all are not just out having all the fun, y'all can get back to work and get back to real life.  
Well Tuesday - We had not a whole lot going on. We went out and found people to teach. Well funny thing happens. So we stop at a gas station and I’m getting a drink for lunch. Well as we are walking back to our apartment there is this dude that pulls out and ask us to come over, so we do. Let me quote the first thing he said to us "Boys, I just wanted to stop y'all and say that y'all are following a false gospel and that y'all are going straight to hell". Well it was really funny, me and Elder Stokes just died laughing from all the things this dude said.  
Wednesday - We had District Meeting. It was really good. I didn't train this time so it made thing just so much nicer. After that we had a nice visit with a less active in the Ward. We were able to give her a Blessing and were able to bless her. It was really neat to see her after. She had tears on her face and it was a really spiritual experience. Well that night I got a call from the APs and they asked me to go on an exchange with the zone leaders from Killeen and from Waco!  
Thursday - well we had weekly planning and after that we had an appointment with another less active lady. She was really nice, we did it in a members home and had lunch. Well that day we got back to our apartment and our phone goes off and says there is a tornado coming find shelter. So it's Texas everyone hears snow or tornado and all of a sudden they are just star struck and freaked out. Well we decided to go out anyway. So we walked to the mission office so that we could pick up the Zone Leaders from Waco and Killeen. We took Elder Judy and Elder Child's with us when we went out. It was good, we taught a lot of other lessons. We taught a boy named Dax. He was really cool. He knows a lot about the church so it was a great lesson.  
Friday- Well we got up at 5:45 so that we could go play ultimate football with a big group of missionaries that were up here for a meeting. It was really nice because everyone was really good!  Well that day we had another day of just finding people to teach and to be able to talk to others, it was really nice we found a good group of folks that were there. It made things super nice.  
Saturday - well we had a great day Saturday. I want to talk about the night because it was awesome. So we had North Main BBQ for dinner here in Euless and it was an all you can eat joint. It's only open on the weekends and it is super good. The ribs fall right off the bone. So you will have to write that down so we can come back and try it. Cause it's super good.  Anyway that night we were able to visit with a new investigator, Orlando. He is a stud. I think he has a real desire to learn the gospel and I know that he will except everything we teach. So that is really good.  
Sunday- we had the regional conference for the Church. Which was really good, then we had to visit our recent convert which was really good! We gave them a blessing. Then we took another recent convert to the Mission Presidents Fireside.  

Well family that is my week. I love y'all and am grateful for y'all. :)  

Love,  Elder Justin Lee 

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