Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another Wet Week In Euless!

I will go I will do! 

No one ever answers the door when we tract....

November 1, 2015 
 Hello Yall!!! 
 Well Sounds like yall had a really fun week this week. Sounds like the Broncos game was really  fun as well. :) Wish that I was there.  
  Tuesday- Was a really big finding day. We were able to talk to a guy named Kevin! Kevin is a really good guy. He is a bible thumper and is looking for the right church and can’t help but read about other religions. After talking for a good hour or so with him, we gave him our number and got his,  we  told him we would call him as soon as we could. That night we had dinner dropped off  to  us. So that night we went to the bottom of our area to search out some potential Investigators.  
Wednesday-   We had District Meeting. It was really nice cause everyone was there and participated and it went off without a flaw so that was really nice. After that we went to Abby's to teach her all about how she will one day be able to  go to the temple. The lesson went really well. After that we went to a Chinese Buffett for dinner with a member. That night we had 2 appointments @ 8 so we had to go on a double exchange. I went with a Brother Pratchett. He is the 1st councilor in the Bishopric. We taught a really great lesson this week and we were really excited. 

Thursday - We had a bro lunch with the Bedford Elders. They are both really young. Both have been out under six months. So we went to CiCis and had pizza and just made sure everything is going well with them, it was really fun. That night we had appointments with some recent converts in the ward. It was really fun to visit with them and see how things are going there. We were able to teach them. It was really great because they were all really open to the gospel and all showed up at our Halloween party on Saturday.  
Friday - So we got a call on our phone. It was a Tongan member. They told us they wanted to take us shopping. So we think oh okay food. Nope we go to Ross. And he tells us to “get some new cloths Elders. So I got a new jacket and a couple pairs of golf pants and a new tie! So that was really nice. That day it like down-poured rain for a really long time and so that made things really hard for us but it was nice! We then were walking to go to Wendy's and another member pulled up to us and said that they would buy our food for us. So that was nice! We have been kinda living large the past couple of days. That night we were able to teach a few people on the street! We hope people will read the Book of Mormon So that we can help their lives. Well on our walk back to the apartment, it seemed as if that Texas was really pissed for some reason and so it down-poured on us. As we are running back to our apartment I flipping step like thigh deep into this stupid puddle. It was like insane how deep it was. I was like oh well.  
Saturday - We went and helped a member move out of their house. It was really nice to help them out. After that we walked to our appointment with Abby and taught about commandments and about how we can follow the prophet. After our exchange we went with Brother Keil and had dinner at simply burgers. Make a note of this folks, You will need to try it. It was a really good burger joint. After that we went to our ward Halloween Party cause we either had to go to that or we had to sit in our apartment so we chose the latter.   Well family that was my week. I hope y'all have a really great week this week and that everything goes really well.   With all my love,   Elder Justin C. Lee 

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