Monday, October 26, 2015

The Rain Came Down And The Floods Came Up!

Clothes this week! 

Appropriate foot wear! 

Nothing stops the work! 

When the rain comes into the nearest port-a-potty! 

October 26, 2015  
 Well Hello Family,  
 Crazy week this week. We had a lot of rain in this neck of the woods. It’s alright cause I enjoyed it. Pictures to come. 
 Well Tuesday - Well we had to take a baptismal program to the Mission office on Tuesday. That was really nice. The office staff I think really like me cause I come in there and make jokes about President Ames and about them and it makes them bust a gut. President Ames is good. But anyway we had to organize a whole lot of things for our week. So that was really good. We also had a lot of fun getting stuff ready for the rain this week as well. That night I had to give a baptismal interview to one of the Investigators in the Tongan wards. She was a super great gal. Got baptized on Saturday. 
 Wednesday - Wednesday was district meeting. It was really nice I gave training on Change and I thought it went really really well, but after we got a call from the Office Elders. They asked if we could help them for a few hours and help them get some stuff for a certain family. So we helped them get it out of the cluttered mission storage unit. After that we had a few appointments with some Recent Converts and they went really great and it was an amazing lesson.  
 Thursday - We had an apartment inspection this week which was really good. No worries we passed with an A+ so no worries at all about that this week. After that we went to the church to have weekly planning. When we got there there was a lady standing at the door. Asked if she could go in to (in her words) "Get in to this here church so that she could go and pray to Mary" We said well this Church "HERE" does not worship Mary. She said well where is the Church that Worships Christ. I said here. She said you just said yall don’t worship Mary. Yet you worship  ChristSo anyways a VERY long convo later. We took her into the church gave her a church tour. She Slammed Joseph Smith. So I kinda........... Slammed her! But I read from Jesus's mouth so it was not as bad. Christ had charity, I read the words of Christso I had charity. She was as the scriptures would say a "VIPER" But it was really fun. Anyway it started raining that night so we were kinda shut it.  
 Friday - HOLY COW.... Texas was pissed or Momma Texas (Momma Texas is what some people call Mother Nature). Cause man did it rain, and It thundered, and we were surrounded by lightning. So I decided "Hey Elder, Lets bike, that way we won’t step in any puddles" and Elder Stokes Said " Elder Lee our bikes are metal" and I said "So" So we decided to bike everywhere in the lightning storm. Cause were Stupid! So we went and visited a few people. Then we had to come home and change clothes because we were soaked from head to toe. But other than that it kept us pretty bunkered in.  
 Saturday - Well we got a call in the morning from my favorite guy Elder Cherry. He asked me if we could help clean out the mission storage and give some of the stuff away. So me thinking this shouldn’t take long, was like yes of course. So we decided we would. Well let’s just say 5 hours later and a few trips to members, and Goodwill made our day really fun. That night we went out with the High Priest group leader in the ward and visited a few of the members who we didn’t know if they lived there still. But good night and a good day. 
 Well family that was my week. Really really wet one. But it was really nice and really successful.  
 Love Yall,  Elder Justin C. Lee 

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