Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Abby's Baptism!

Abby's Baptism! 

Fun with Elder Stokes & Abby! 

Justin & Elder Rarotoga!

October 19, 2015   

Hello Lee Family,  

Sounds like yall had a fun week down in Price! Well my week was good, Shall we...  

Tuesday - Well It was Elder Rarotogas last day in the area. So we went to Anna Island Grill and also went to all the things he wanted before leaving Euless. He said goodbye to all the Recent Converts. After that we came home and did a lot of work, him packing and  me cleaning, just so when Elder Stokes got there It was all cleaned.  

Wednesday- Well we woke up and we got everything all put together so that Elder R. could go to Transfers at the Hurst Stake Center. After we got his ride there we said our good byes and he took off. I stayed with Elder Peterson and had a good talk about last transfer and goals I had about the new Transfer it was really good. Then I got Elder Stokes. Elder Stokes is from Fresno, California. He has been out a month longer than me. He is a good guy! Really funny and I think we will get along well. It took us a few days to warm up to each other but after that we were pretty cool partners. Well that day we went to lunch a CiCi's. It was good cause then the Sisters showed up there. Then the other Elders showed up there. So my whole district was at Cici's for lunch. After that we hit the road and started contacting referrals, it went really good. After that we had a lesson with Abby our baptismal date. It was a really good lesson and she is just stoked to be baptized. After that we went to a China Buffet. Which is a norm for people here in Euless cause the Poly's love it. 

Thursday - We had weekly planning and that went really good. After Weekly planning we had an appointment with a Less Active member in the ward! It was a really good lesson.   After that we had to bike clear to the boonies to get to an appointment down at the bottom of the area! It was a good 10 - 15 miles there! So I was really sore after we got done. But we had a lesson with this really good family. They haven't been to church for a while so we had another good lesson with them!  

Friday- We had another appointment with our friend Abby. She is doing well as she progresses toward baptism! It was a really fun lesson because it was the one right before her baptismal interview. So that was a good deal. After doing that we went a contacted a lot of other people! It  was a really big deal. After we got done with our lessons we headed home because we were late back into our Apartment.   

Saturday - We had Abby's baptismal interview and she passed and it was really good. We had a lot of fun. After doing all that we went back to our apartment/office so that we could make the Baptismal program for Abby’s baptism. It was good. So then we went and contacted a lot of people. Then we had an appointment with a couple of Recent converts.  

Sunday- Well it was our Primary Program and it was so funny cause a kid got up and said John 13:14 if ye love me keep my Mamandments!! I was like NO WAY!!! haha So I wrote it down to tell yall. So we had run around like crazy to get everything for our baptism. But after we got done with our running we got everything set up for Abbys baptism and it went fabEuless!! haha It was great, she did great and I think she will make a good member.  I will send Pictures.  

Well family that was my week. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I love yall and hope all is well.  

Love yall,  
Elder Lee 

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