Monday, October 12, 2015


We've learned its best not to ask questions....

October 12, 2015  



Well I had a really good week. It was really good.  
Tuesday- We had DLC which was really good. Our mission is having another Book of Mormon Challenge.  So we are planning on handing out 8200 Copies as a mission. That goal will have to be met at about Dec 25. Which will be about my 18 Month mark. So Weird! But After DLC we went and had Coneys with Elder and Sister Stotts who are the Senior couple here in Eusless. I mean  Euless!! haha 
Wednesday - Wednesday we had Zone Council in Colleyville and it was a really good experience. I had to give a training on the Book of Mormon! I thought it went really well.  
After Elder Stotts took us and the Tongan Sister out to eat at Costa Vida, which the missionaries get 50% off every meal, which is really good. I really enjoyed that. That night we had a lesson with Abby our Baptism date who’s awesome it was good! She is getting Baptized on Sunday at 6pm. I am stoked!  
Thursday - We had weekly planning and it was really good. We have a lot of appointments this next week. It was awesome! We had an appointment with a LA lady in the ward! She was very open to the missionaries coming by and it means we are really stoked to be able to teach her! I think she has a desire to come back! It was a really good lesson! That night we went on an Exchange with Elder Householder.  
Friday- Friday we were still on an Exchange. We went and did service for a lady who was moving to Utah. She gave us all the food in her 2 Fridges. Can you believe it! ALL OF IT!!! I don’t have to shop for weeks! I am stoked! That day we got back from our exchange and we had dinner with Brother Fonua! The Coolest guy in our ward! He is a stud! We went to a Chinese Buffett!  
Saturday - We went and did service at a Dog Fair! The North Richland Animal adoption group was there. They were the one I did service for back in Watauga! So that was super sick! After that we went out and found a lot of people! Brother Kyle was our exchange and he took us a lot of places. It was good!  
Sunday - We had Church all day and it was really good. After Church we came home got something to eat and then headed to Hurst for the Mission President Fireside. It was a really great mission Presidents fireside! We took a recent Convert and she had a great week.  

Well Family that was my week and I am so glad that others are starting to come to the Gospel.  

With Love,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

 P.S. Yeah Transfers! Elder Raratoga is leaving and I am staying! I am getting Elder Stokes! I have no Clue who he is! haha and Yeah! Haha Sorry totally spaced that! But Yeah!  

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