Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Conference Week!

Battle wounds from Frisbee!

October 5, 2015  

Well Hello Family,  

Well it has been a really good week here in Texas! Sounds like Yall had a really good week.  

Tuesday - Well we had a lot of Tracting on Tuesdays. It’s so funny that we met people Tracting that you would just never guess. It’s so funny people just really like to argue or to just bash with us. It’s fun cause most of them I can Slay with Bible Verses! So that  is always super nice!  

Wednesday - Well we had District Meeting and it was a District Meeting That I will never forget. So it went horrible this week. So we had a couple come in to the church this week. I had to go and help find a Traveling Bishop so that they could get some money to head home in the next Couple days. So we couldn't get anyone to help them. So the missionaries got some money for them so that we could help them get to their Sister house, which was like 4 miles away. So the district meeting turned into service. So that was at least a good thing. Then I got to have a 20 minute phone call with President Ames. About an incident that happened in my District on P-day. Long story short he got a whole bunch of wrong info. So after we got on the same page things worked out. So after that I got chewed out cause the missionaries helped that couple so I got chewed for that one. YAY ELDER LEE!!! ;)  hahaha So It was really good day for me.  

Thursday:  So we had weekly planning and it was good. We made appointments with a lot of people so this week will be really really busy.  After that I had to go to the mission office to pick up my brand new iPad! That was really nice. It’s nice to have a new iPad that I don’t have to pay for. We had a lesson with our baptismal date.  It was fun cause we were super late so we had to run to our appointment. It’s pretty funny to show up all sweaty to an appointment.  

Friday- Friday was good. We had a really fun work out. We got up at 6 and the AP's picked us up and we went to Trinity High School where we played a hard core game of Ultimate Frisbee. That was really fun. I got beat up a little but it was good to have some physical contact in a sport again. But that whole day we spent finding people to come to conference.  Which Yielded no fruit but that’s okay!  

Saturday - We had conference all day. I will share my thoughts with you on Conference in the notes you sent me!  

Sunday - We had conference. After Conference we had lunch that the Tongan Wards made! IT  WAS SO MUCH FOOD!!!  But it was really good.  

Well Y’all that was my week. I hope you all have a good week. Love you so much.  

Love You,  
Elder Justin C. Lee  

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