Monday, September 28, 2015

Ipad Crash!!

Passing by the baseball game!

Sometimes mission life can be tough!

September 28, 2015

Well Howdy Yall!!!!!!  

I hope everything is going well on your end of the Time Zone!! My week has been busy but also really stress full. So we will get to it!!  

Monday - Well we taught a recent convert this Friday. We were able to teach her a lot of stuff about how to work through trials and through  faith in Jesus Christ it can help build her faith.  
Tuesday - Well we had zone conference this past week. It was really good! It was held in Lewisville which is in the Zone of Flower Mound! So I got to drive through my home turf a little and that was good! We road up to Zone conference with the Stott’s who are a Senior Couple in the Mission and they are really great! They do a lot! At Zone Conference we talked about how we can better apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our lives! After that we had the Meeting with our Ward Council! We were so stoked about it! After that we drove home!  
Wednesday - Well we had a good Wednesday. We Had time in the morning and were able to find some good material for our investigators. We then got a call from our Bishop informing us of a baptism that we had. I said "I don’t think we have a baptism Bishop" he said "well you do now" So we are now baptizing a 9 year old girl! Her baptismal date is for October 18th! Which is going to be cool! I swear all I baptize is kids! I think it’s a sign from god! But that’s just me!  
Thursday-  Well we had weekly planning and that went really well! We were able to accomplish a lot and be able to move forward with the work. We also had a Meeting with our WML to talk about the Ward.  
Friday - Friday I had a special District Leader Council. So all of the DL and all of the ZL went to the Church and got taught by President Ames. On the Ride down to Hurst I rode with the AP's and it made me really miss a car! It’s so nice not to depend on another person and get us there on time! But it was a really good meeting! I was able to find something I want to improve on my teaching! I was super grateful for the opportunity I had to learn!  
Saturday - We had a really interesting thing happen to me that day. So we were updating our iPad to the new IOS9 System. Which was really good. Then we had a lesson with our recent converts. It was a good thing. I showed a video off my Ipad! So after our lesson we head home! I get back and open my iPad.... The dang Screen went out. BUT...... Good news since it was something the I PAD did on its own means I don't have to fix it, its under warranty, so that will be really nice! So I will be getting a Fresh Ipad. Don’t worry I also get all of my stuff that was on it. On it again! So that is really nice! So Yeah!  
Sunday - Well we finally got to meet with Abby, our Baptism. So it was nice to meet her! She is a great gal and should be in good hands! After church  Elder Wersland and I went to the Mission office so that I could get a "Loaner iPad" Which was nice so that I am in the Zone!  

Well Family that was my week! I hope yall have a great week! With all my love!!  

Love yall,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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