Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Finding New Investigators!

New haircut!

September 21, 2015 


(Ohana means family. By the Way.) 

So Sounds like yall have had a great week! Flipping Chad, Hey Maybe 6th Time the charm! Come on Girl Come on! I am Pulling For you Julie!!! Something to look forward to I guess! Little bugger should get here right before I get home so Cool!! :)  

Tuesday- Was a really good day. Me and Elder Rarotoga had a good week! We were able to go and see a less active who we had taught last week! We talked about The Plan of Salvation! He is doing really well, he is Progressing and he is working towards feeling comfortable at Church so we are pretty stoked about that. We also had a lesson with our now X- investigator. They decided that the Church wasn’t really for them and this wasn't their time. But that is okay, that just means that we have to find more investigators and work harder!!  
Wednesday - We had district meeting! It went really, really, really well! I was so excited cause it was a really good experience!  We talked about better preparing our Investigators for baptism! It was good I trained on the Sabbath Day! We came to the conclusion that we really don’t teach the Sabbath day with much Umff! But it’s one of the things that will keep our Recent Converts active through To the Temple! So it was really good. We then had a lesson with our One investigator that we have! It went really well! But they are struggling with a few things so I am not sure what will be going on there!  
Thursday - Thursday we had weekly planning! So after that we had a lesson with a former investigator and it went really well! But he looks at Religions in a really interesting way! But its cool, I like him, I think he will be good to teach! After that we had dinner with a really cool member named the Willinghams. They are really like my favorite Family in the Ward! They are really awesome! Then we went to  a Ward Correlation meeting which was good.  
Friday - Friday we had Mormon.org time and we were really stoked about that. I was able to find things for my training coming up in two weeks for District Meeting so that was really good. That night we had another lesson with a RC Sister and boyfriend! They are really great people and they are doing some really great things Well at least I think so.  
Saturday - We had a good day! Were able to find some new investigators! But all should be really well! They are doing good!  
Sunday - We had 4 investigators at Sacrament Meeting and Things went really well there! They had a good couple hours at Sacrament and so I hope they all progress and move toward baptism! Well Besides that I think everything is good! I had a really good week hope all is well!  

Love yall,  

Elder Justin C. Lee  

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