Monday, September 14, 2015

Luau Planning!

These blisters aren't from fancy shoes or tracting but from what is really important.....missionary basketball!

September 14, 2015 

Well Hello Family,  

Well this week has been really good! A lot of ups! Which is really good!! 

Tuesday - Well Tuesday was a really good day. We had Zone Council which was really lame cause I had to give a Training that was thrown on me that morning, which really sucks! So my training wasn’t the best! But I have district meeting this week and so I am all prepared for that! Also Tuesday we had dinner with a Really good family in the Ward! It’s funny they knew who Kavika Fonua was!! It was really funny!  
Wednesday - We were able to do some time! We had an appointment with a Less Active Lady in the Ward! It was really good to talk to her! She hasn’t been to church in the past about 18 Years so that was really good to be able to talk with her about the importance of what Church does! It’s funny the thing I have noticed about people and Life is that the younger you are the more you strive to know who god is! The Closer you get to being dead the more you realize how much you needed god. For some reason we lose people in the middle! Cause you think you have everything figured out and you’re successful and you have things to do. I think that’s why they send missionaries out at the age they do! So that they realize that you actually need god and he isn't just some "Thing"/"Being" Out there in space! But that he actually cares about us!  
Thursday - We had weekly planning and so we  now weekly plan at the Tongan Building. We call it that cause all the Tongan wards meet at the building! So we plan there cause it is really close to our apartment.  So after Planning we were able to teach a lady about the Atonement of Jesus Christ! It was really cool! I learned something new! I guess more just a relearning of something which felt really good! The Atonement of Jesus Christ is available to all! Like I knew that! But as I was reading scriptures and things like that! The Savior WANTS to forgive! Like he wants every single person to repent! But He wants to forgive!! (Scripture Chase) "As often as my people repent will I forgive their trespasses against Me" haha Good luck!! I promise they are in there! And NO using your Ipad or IphonesHard cover scriptures only!! But Yeah! It was a pretty powerful Lesson!  
Friday - We had dinner with the Family that will be doing the Entertainment for our Missionary Luau we are having here in about a Month! So that should be pretty good!  Also really fun!!! So we were able to talk with them about what they wanted to see at the Luau! We hope that a lot of Non-Members will be showing up!! That is the Members Ticket in to the Luau!   
Saturday - We had lunch with the Sisters and the Bedford Elders so that we could plan the whole Luau! Which was really fun and really hard! We are super excited to be able to get down and be able to get that all planed and started!  

Well Family! That is my week and I hope yall don't Burn! But I love yall!!  

Love you,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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