Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Welcome to Euless!

Justin and his new companion Elder Roatoga!

Last dinner with Elder Brown!

Elder Lee and Elder Andreasen (from Justin's home ward just arrived in the mission)

September 7, 2015

Hey Family,  

Well how are yall doing? I am doing really great her in good ole Euless, Tx!!!  

Tuesday - Well Tuesday was my last day in Flower Mound so I stopped by a few members and said good bye! But me and Elder Brown went out and had Dinner together! Which I thought was really good! We had a good time! But for Most of the Day I just packed!  
Wednesday - Well Wednesday I woke up and got all my stuff together so that I could transfer! So when I got to the Hurst Stake Center I went in and Saw Carson! Which was really cool! He looked really good but I don’t know where he went to get trained. I hope he got a sick trainer! So that would be nice! But I saw a lot of my Good friends! I saw Elder Sikileti one of my Tongan Brothers who is in Arlington! He is a cool dude! I also saw Elder Jackson who goes home here in about 5 weeks which is really, really, really crazy if you ask me! Cause he still had a while when me and him talked last! So that is cool! But Yeah he went to my old area, Watauga, which was really cool! Also Saw Elder Bingham (the kid I was dancing in the Rain with) he went home this past week! Which I think  was a really good deal! He is a good Guy and will do great things in this life! Then I met Elder Raratoga! He is pretty Sick! We are good buddies! We went back to the Apartment and got started working! We had dinner with a sweet Poly family that fed us a lot! I have never eaten that much in my whole life! But yeah it was really good!  
Thursday - We had weekly planning and stuff like that! So we plan at the church and we talked about as a district throwing a Luau which we are in the planning stages of now so were pretty stoked about that! We had dinner that night with another Poly family in the Ward! They took us to a Chinese Buffet! Which is really crazy! Its nuts to see these people eat!! haha They are good at it! But After that we went and saw a few of our investigators! We taught them about Baptism and hopefully we can plan a baptism here shortly! So that would be great!  
Friday - Well we had lunch with a senior couple that is in our Mission named the Stotts and they are probably the coolest folks I have met! Like they are super chill! Like Missionaries and serving their mission! They serve in the Tongan Wards here! So they are great!! We had an exchange with a member of the ward and we visited a Recent Convert in the Ward and she is really awesome!  
Saturday - Well we had DLC and that went okay! I Think I already have some peeps who don’t like me! but thats okay! Can’t please any one! haha But after that we had lunch with The Stotts and the Tongan Sister which was really good experience and A Great Time! They are really great company! But my district seems to be really sick! So I am stoked!  
Sunday - Sunday was really busy I had a long day of meeting people and talking to people and working with members so it was pretty crazy but thats alright!  
Well Yall that is my week!! Hope all is going well!  

I love you so much,  

Love yall,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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