Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chinese food & Exchanges!!

Enjoying Chinese food! 

Home of the Little League World Series! 

Sunday Selfies...

November 16, 2015  

 Well family sounds like a really good week y'all had this past week! It's been a good week here in Texas! Let's get to it! 
  Tuesday - well today we had interviews with President Ames. It was a great interview. He told me he could see a real change in my eyes, also a really big change in my presence physically. (Haha he thinks I am jacked)haha. Well I also had to give a 2 hour training to my District.  Which was really hard to come up with 2 hours of things but it was really good.  After that we had a couple appointments with less actives and they were really powerful lessons. 
Wednesday - we had Zone council. Not my favorite meeting in the whole world but whatever. After that meeting we stopped at Costa Vida with Elder Stotts and had lunch. It was super good. Even better with a 50% discount that we as missionaries get. After that we went back to our apartment and set out to find some souls. Well we found a lot of people. Most of them were Drunk! Haha They couldn't tell their hands from their feet! So after that we came home and got nice and cozy in our lava lavas and hit the sack early around 10. 
Thursday - well Thursday we had an exchange with the Bedford Elders. I was with Elder Leota from Layton, Utah. It's pretty nuts to talk to a kid who has only been out a month or so. We had a neat experience. So Elder Leota got attacked by a thing of squirrels. Just jumped all over him. From my end it was super funny his end, not so much. After that we walked out to the boonies of our area to teach a family. So we walked all the way out there and they canceled. But we taught another Lesson and it was really great experience. That day we had Chinese. Again. Which I am growing really fond of, Chinese food. Like I am starting to really love it a lot. After that we had Ward correlation meeting. It went really well. We talked about our baptismal Goal for 2016 which is really great. 
Friday - we exchanged back. After exchanging back we went and had lunch with a member who took us to a wing place. Which was good. After that we went to the church so that we could put all or our videos and pictures on a flash drive, So that if we broke or lost our iPads we would still have all of our stuff on it as well. So that was really nice to have all of that. Then we went to dinner with a service missionary who serves in the mission office!  She made really good food for us to eat. Which was really good Chinese food! Tasted really really good! I think she sent you a picture of us! Here name is Sister Wu! 
Saturday - well we had an Elders Quorum BBQ today. It was really good food. It was at the Texas Star which is where the little league World Series is played so that is really fun. There was a big Softball tournament going on so that was cool as well. After that we came home and went right to dinner. After going all the way to dinner. We walked back down to the Texas Star cause we were gonna see an investigator. But it got really late so we had to turn around. 
Sunday - we had church and it was good. Nothing to exiting happened besides we had to go through our ward list and make a list of people we didn't know so we could go visit them! 
 But that was my week. It was a really good one a lot of fun things happened and I am doing really well. 
  Love y'all, Elder Justin C. Lee   

This is how Justin said he was handling the controversy over the Church’s Statement: P.s: How do I handle it? I invite members to do three things if they are struggling with this? 1.  Is God your loving Heavenly Father? 2. Is Jesus Christ Savior and Redeemer of the world? Did he die for your Sins? 3. Is the Book Of Mormon the Word of God?   If they answer yes to all three of these questions nothing else really matters! 

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