Monday, November 23, 2015

Big Changes!!

Wasp Damage...ouch!

Saying Goodbye to the Smart Family!

Elder Stokes and the new mission car! 

November 23, 2015  

Hey  family! It's so good to hear from you today! Well things have been rather crazy this week and so it has caused for quite the week inmy last week in Euless! So we will start it all off!   
Monday - well Monday we are getting back to our apartment! When all of a sudden a phone call comes through! What would you know President Ames calls and Elder Stokes picks up the phone! He hands the phone to me. I start thinking to myself, "oh great what the Hannah did I do this time" Well President Ames says "Elder Lee I just finished theTransfer process and I am looking at the board, The lord would have you be a Zone Leader. Me, I think dang it! I really don't want to be a  zone leader! President Ames says: "You will be serving in the Denton YSA ward". That's when I thought to myself that "Wow, ZL isn't so bad if I get to serve in another YSA! So yes I will be serving in the Denton YSA ward! I am pretty excited for that! I will send you my address today as well!  
1119 West Hickory Street #6 
Denton, Texas 76201!  
So there is Monday!  
Tuesday - Well me and Elder Stokes are headed to an appointment when our phone rings again. So we pick it up its Elder Tanner one of the assistants! Well he says that Elder Stokes and myself have won the grand prize! I was like what's that? He says so Elder Falabella has asked that he visit one missionary apartment while he is here! Well we have selected yours! My facewas like !Oh gosh! Well the rest o four Tuesday you can tell we started cleaning like crazy folks to get that done by Thursday!  
Wednesday - we had to go rebuild a lady's shed! So usand another member went and did that in the morning! Well to start our service I yet again have shown my stupidity and decided to step in to our wasp infested shed! At the same time getting stung right on my ankle! Well long story short, it hurt! Also I figured out that I am allergic to Wasps I will show you the pictures later! They are quite funny! Wellthat afternoon we came back and did our final clean of the apartment so that it would look "Kelli Lee clean" for Elder Falabella! That night was so busy! I think my phone didn't leave my ear besides when I was in a lesson! We had 5 lessons that night! We were able to get through all of them! At the same time I am scheduling rides here and suckling missionaries there! Getting you moved here and him there! Oh my goodness it was a heck of a day! I have never moved that fast in my whole life! It was insane how crazy that day was! 

Thursday- well it was the Elder Falabella conference! So since my new calling I had to attend one of my new meetings with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training leaders in the Northern zones of the mission. It was really cool cause I got to see my new companion EldePeterson and got to chat with him for a while and it was really cool! After doing all of that we started our conference that went almost all day! Well after the conference we hustled back to our apartment so that we were able to get there before President Ames and Elder Falabella! Well the knock came at the door and they walked in! Elder Falabella asked if I was selling all of my ties! I said no that I was  not! But if he wanted to trade with me he could pick any tie he wants! He slowly looked at me and said "Elder Lee, my tie is not for sell" then we all kinda laughed it off and moved on!  Haha He then asked about how we are sharing the Gospel with our neighbors! I said well we can't really spread it cause we will get in big trouble! So he then walked around our apartment! He loved the smell by the way! Then just encouraged us to find ways to share the Gospel with our neighbors! So we get to figure that out! But it was really cool to have a general Authority inside your home! The spirit that those dudes bring is really insane! They bring the heat when they Come! It was a pretty cool experience!  
Friday - was a really long day! I had to go to Fort Worth for another MLC! Which was good cause I got to experience my whole first MLC! It was a good experience so, That's good! It made my day really short cause we were listening all day but yeah!  
Saturday - was kinda get ready to leave! I got a large flat rate box ready to ship! I got a lot of things done that needed to be done before I take off to good ole Denton! But I am excited to get there and get to work.  
Sunday - just said bye to the Ward members and had dinner with the office couple! Cause they love me! :)   
Well I love y'all and I am so grateful for your support to me! Mom did you get my Birthday letter? Sorry I didn't send any money. Well it's cause I don't have none! But if ye are faithful there maybe something for Christmas!   With all my love, Elder Justin C. Lee          

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