Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Interview with President Ames!

"The inspiration for these shoes came from my dad,"  so did the money and you can only imagine how trilled Dad was when he learned he bought a $140 pair of shoes instead of the 2 pair it was suppose to buy.  We expect looking at them we will be buying another pair in a few months.  Got to love missionaries!!!!

August 10, 2015 

Hey Yall Sounds like your week has been fun.  

Well My week has been pretty fun. 

Tuesday - Tuesday we had a lesson with our recent convert, Rebecca, and it was super good! She had gone to the Temple that morning and done baptism for the dead! It was a really amazing experience for her! She wants to go to the temple  with her own names here pretty soon! So that is really nice! We also had CCA which is like a Distribution Center or DI but run by a group of Christians! It was really fun cause we had a lot of things to go over! We sorted shoes! Found a Sick Pair of vans but that was it!  
Wednesday - Well Wednesday we had District Meeting. I trained on Sanctifying Ourselves. It was really cool cause you see that our Savior Wants to Forgive. He really is just open for us to come unto him! Which just built my testimony on that! District Meeting was good! Then after me and Elder Brown went out and knocked doors all day which was Really fun as well!  
Thursday we had interviews which were really cool cause President Ames was in my room! He liked my Team Spirit! With my Broncos Sheets which I thought was really funny! But we were able to talk about how to Strengthen my district and how to help those around me to become better! Was a really successful interview I thought! Then we had a few opportunities to teach the 2 girls that will be getting baptized here in few weeks which I think is really cool! We taught about the Wof W and it was really good they received it really well!   
Friday- Well we really didn’t have much happen on Friday! But we stopped and talked to a man on the side of the road for a really long time! We talked about the church and the people who are within the Church! It was really cool he had a lot of interesting beliefs! Like he liked his church but his pastor preaches false doctrine which is super funny! Cause me and Elder Brown just busted up laughing like it was super funny!  
Saturday - We had DLC which is District Leader Council. So me and the other District Leader! and The Zone Leaders talked about,  for the longest time, what President Ames talked about at MLC which was really cool! We are going to Talk about Repentance at Zone council so that should be really really fun! At Least I think it should be!!  
Sunday - Well we had to move buildings because our Building Flooded. A water line broke and flooded the whole entire gym area which made thing really interesting for a little bit! So we had church from 2-5 Which is a really rough time to have church! Nice for investigators but not for Members! That night we also attended the Mission Presidents Fireside with a Recent Convert and an investigator which was really nice! President Ames answered a lot of their Questions! So that was really nice!  

Well that is my week! I love you all and Hope yall have a great week!  

Love yall,  
Elder Justin C. Lee  

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