Monday, August 3, 2015

Service and Shoes!!

Might be time for new shoes!

Keeping him in line!


Saturday August 1, 2015 

Today we got a text from a member in Texas it read : 
Baby needs new shoes.  I bought him lunch today.  He is literally walking on barefoot.  Other shoes give him blisters. Send $2000. 

Mom’s reply: 
I'm gonna kick his butt.  I offered to send new shoes last month, he told me he was good.  Tell him I'm on the next plane to Texas. 

The nice member offered to pick me up at the airport but we agreed he would kick his butt and take him to get new shoes.  He also told me of a blessing Justin gave his companion after he was hurt and what a great spiritual experience it was. He also told me of a lesson he saw Justin teach to a part member family and he was able to get the family to take a Book of Mormon and read it.  He said no one has been able to get anywhere with the family in 30 years.  Of course Justin shared none of this with us but it is so wonderful to have members who watch out for your missionary.  The people of Texas as he put it “Take the Gospel Seriously”.  I'm so grateful!!! 

August 3, 2015 

Well Hello family. Sounds like yall have had a fun week! Sounds like things are going really well up in good ole Utah.  

So I heard a funny Joke and want to share it!! So a BYU co-ed and a BYU Football player are standing at the top of the Marriott Center. What comes down First?  

............ That’s Right.... The Marriott Center. Hahaha Good one Huh? :) Haha I still hate BYU!!!  

So this week has been Kind of slow but has been really fun! So let’s get to it?  

Tuesday we had service at the Ranch again. Which was really nice because I love working hard like that lady makes us do and it makes me feel so successful as a Missionary. She loves missionaries. I Hope she calls us to come over and help her soon. But we hauled hay again which is really nice cause I can wear shorts and get a sweat tan on my legs!! That night we had a lesson with Rebecca, our recent Convert, and we taught her all about the Restoration and how it pertains to you now that you are a recent Convert. It is really cool because she is going to the Temple this week to do baptisms for the dead which is a really sweet experience. SO I am really stoked about that. Sadly we won’t be attending but that’s okay she has lots of friends that are going with her.  

Wednesday- Well District Meeting was really good. We had a really good training on Goal setting by a sister in our District she did a really great job. I trained on Where Faith, Agency, And Vision Meet. Which is really something I think helped out some of the members of our Zone. So yeah I enjoyed that a whole lot. We also had an appointment that night with an LA member in the ward which turned in to a great lesson and something I think they will remember forever! We taught about Temples and she wants to go. So that is nice! I like it when people see the changes they have to make inside themselves.  

Thursday- Thursday means weekly planning and I think it is really good. We sat and talked about our investigators and how we can better help them come unto Christ and better follow him. I loved it. After we decided that we needed to go walk a little so we decided to Walk a WHOLE LOT. Which is great but when you don’t have good walking shoes. haha inside joke.  

Friday- We had CCA and that was really good. After we went to CCA We had a lesson with a Part member family which was really cool because we like teaching people who have family in the church cause they bring in a good spirit to the Lessons, which is always really nice as well.  

Saturday - We had a lot of walking which was really fun! As I am sure everyone saw the shoes I had on which were duck taped (I was going to fix this but It’s so Justin so I left it in) so that is really fun! Yes I will be going to buy shoes today so that will be really good. I will send a picture to you!  

Well Yall that Is my week and I love yall so much and am so Grateful for each of you who pray and support me! I love each of you and Hope your week is really great!!  

Love yall,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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