Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Almost Killed By A Come-Along!

We've learned it's best not to ask questions...

August 17, 2015

Well Hello Family, How are things going up in the North?  

Well my week has been really fun but really interesting as well!  

Tuesday- Well we had some service at a member who we moved in with for a couple of days. The member we lived with had family over so we had to go stay with another member of the Ward, who I like a lot. We also had CCA that day which was really good. We were able to go and get things all straightened out and were able to make things happen there. Really good to talk with all of those people. Then we came home and we had to meet with one of our investigators and she was awesome! She is moving right along and hopefully here in the next few weeks will be ready to become baptized!  

Wednesday - We had Zone Council and it was a really great meeting! I also had to give a training on Consecration. That went really well or at least I feel it went really well, don’t really know about everyone else thought but o well! After that we went and  moved some of our stuff in to the other Member we were staying with and I really was so happy with our choice because it was awesome to get out of where I live now! But that night we went and contacted and talked with a few people and that was  it!  

Thursday - We went and did some service for a lady in the other ward! We were yanking out her bushes that she had in the front lawn! So we were using a Come along with  it attached to a tree. Well this one bush was so in there that as I was cranking it it broke and slung shot itself back in to the tree! It was crazy because it could have killed me! But it’s what ever! After that we went home and got cleaned up and set off for our dinner appointment! We had walked to their house, which is what we always do! Then we realized that we had walked to the wrong place! So we were super late for dinner and things weren’t going our way! So the guy that was there was nice enough to come pick us up and drive us to where we needed to go. That night we went and taught two of our investigators who are getting baptized this weekend and are ready to be baptized as well! So her and her sister are getting baptized on Saturday so that should be a really good experience! 

Friday - Friday we had an exchange with our Zone leaders and it was really awesome. I was with Elder Larson and me and him get a long really well. We had CCA again and it went really well! I also had to buy some new Service Shoes because my Nikes are wearing out! So I bought some thrift store specials for about 16 bucks so it was a really good deal for me! That night we went and taught Rebecca All about The Gospel of Jesus Christ which went  really well! Her and the Family that Fellowships her I think had a really amazing experience! So we are really stoked about that!  

Saturday - Well Saturday we had a few things to do but not that much! So we gave a blessing and also gave an awesome lesson to a Family in the ward! It was amazing! Awesome Family! After we contacted all day long and then taught another lesson with a member from the Ward which went really good to my knowledge!  
Sunday - Was A very good day! We had meetings all day so that was kinda boring! We moved back into our Old house which was a little bit of a bummer for me but what eves! Come what may and Love it. Also we were able to teach Rebecca again! Which made everything more solid! 

Well yall that was my week I hope Y’all have the best week ever! And I love you!!  

Elder Justin C. Lee  

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