Monday, August 24, 2015

Morgan & Jordan's Baptism!!

August 24, 2015    
 Hey Family,  

Well it’s been a really fun and a really hot week here in Flower Mound. Also it has been really good to be able to see all of the fun Yall are having!!  

Tuesday - Well We had CCA in Flower Mound this week! Again it’s like a big Distribution center, it was really fun we did a lot of hard work separating some old shoes! After that we had dinner at a Member who made Chili dogs! ( One of my Classic Favorites) So that was amazing I hadn’t had a Chili Dog in about 14 Months which is really crazy if you think about it! Then we had to go up to our Church so that we could get the Baptismal Suits for the Preston Girls baptism that happened on Saturday!  

Wednesday - Wednesday was District meeting which was a really good Experience! I gave a training on Forgiveness. Which I think it went really well! Then after that we had a district lunch which was really good! That night we had a Member drop of some Chinese's food which was really good. That night we had a few appointments with some Less Active members in the Ward, we were able to talk about how they were doing and how we can help them come to church.  

Thursday- Well we had Weekly Planning and that went a lot better than normal! After that we were able to take off and go and walk around and contact a lot of people which is really nice! That night we caught up with the Preston’s so they could have their baptismal Interview which was amazing they both passed and were Super stoked to get baptized! I like that part! We also had an appointment with Rebecca this week. Which was our 2nd to last appointment with her. She will be heading to UCONN for School and so we got to call and talk to the Missionaries up in that neck of the woods and tell them about Rebecca. They were super stoked to be able to have a great Recent Convert with them.  

Friday - We had CCA in Lewisville which is another Distribution center but it’s for Food! So we were able to move food around and be able to help out those good Christian Folk as we call them! They were really amazing people over there and they like to help out! Also we had to find some last minute prep for Morgan and Jordan’s Baptism.  

Saturday - Well its Morgan and Jordan’s Big day. They came in and were smiling from ear to ear and were just so excited to be able to be baptized! There was a lot of Family and Friends that were there so that made things go really well! They had a lot of support from Friends as well! After the Service we introduced ourselves to a couple of the non-members that were there and were able to shoot some small talk and be able to work with them a little bit! It was a really spiritual Experience for the whole family! Their mom and dad were so proud and I think they were really happy as well! They are going to be an amazing family. I am stoked to be able to Help them Choose the Right Path.  

Sunday- They were Confirmed and were able to receive the Holy Ghost, which was a great Experience. I think the Preston Girls are going to do amazing things in this church! They are going to be great. I am Grateful to my Heavenly Father who blessed me enough to be able to work with such an Incredible family.  

Well Yall that was my week. It was a great one and I look forward to chatting with Yall next week.  

Elder Justin C. Lee 

Mom: P.s Transfers are Next Wednesday. I do not know if I am leaving or staying. I do Not know anything at this moment in Time. But I will let you know as soon as I know. I Love you.  

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