Monday, July 6, 2015

Fun on the 4th!

Dressed up for the 4th!

The goat....
Legs covered in Chigger bites....

July 6, 2015 

Well Hello Yall!! Happy Merica Week! Sounds like yalls was really fun. Mine was really fun!!  This week is going super good! Had fun and did some pretty fun things!!  

Tuesday - We had Zone Conference! It was super awesome! It was all day and It was really spiritual experience! So that was really nice! Me and Elder Capener had to do a Roll play on awkward contacting which was really fun and really good! I got to see Elder Coats my MTC companion and also Elder Jacobson my freaking brother!! I love that kid! He comes home soon! Which is really good! He bore his departing testimony which was really weird, he has a strong testimony of the Gospel!!  
Wednesday- Wednesday we had a lot of fun. So we built another giant Book of Mormon costume and had plans to take it out on the 4th Of July and to contact people! Which is really great!! So Elder Allen and Elder Hughes came over and we started to build that up and get things rolling!! We also had a few stop by appointments that night which was really good!  
Thursday - Was weekly planning and so we had to do that! We had set up a few appointments with people who were former investigators and were really stoked to be able to go back and teach her about Lesson 2 the Plan of Salvation! Which is one of the things I love the most because the plan of salvation is when we talk about eternal families!! After that we came back to our house to finish our giant Book of Mormon costume!  
Friday- Well Friday was a really good day! We did service for a member in our ward and also did service at CCA which is like a food pantry or a bishop’s store house kind of deal! Which is really good! Then we came back and had dinner with a Temple Sealer in the Dallas temple!! Wow we learned some really cool things about the Temple!! Man I am going to go to the temple and have a completely different experience!!  
The 4th Of July - Well we had DLC which is where I go and see what the Zone Leaders learned at MLC!! So we had an awesome DLC then a really awesome Lunch at Panda afterward!! Then we went and took our giant Book of Mormon to Flower Mound Days and Talked and Danced!! I was back in the Book of Mormon box again!! I do my best work when no one can see me! ;) haha Just Kidding!! But Yeah I danced like Moron and everyone laughed and the rest of the Missionaries in our Zone handed out Book of Mormons and Pass along cards with our Phone number on it! Which was really successful! That night we Volunteered at Flower Mound Days! We were Gate people who just welcomed people to the Park and talked with them about  the Gospel while we were at it! I felt like home for a little bit! Awesome opportunity as missionaries! I loved it so much!!  It was really great!  

Well Yall that was my week!! I love yall so much!!!  

Elder Justin C. Lee 

Mom - Well Texas does what we do just bigger and with more beer! Cause we love hammered drunk guys!! And Thank you for everything you do!! I will be sending pictures later of everything I did this week! :)  

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