Monday, July 13, 2015

"Chiggers took my manhood!!"

Shaved legs so the chigger medicine would actually work! 

July 13, 2015

Hey Y’all well sounds like the Empty nester life isn’t for y’all, What lame kids, they leave then always want to go out for  dinner and a Movie. LAMO's. 

Well Tuesday was a really good day. We had Zone Council, which was a really good meeting. We learned what President Ames wants for our mission. Which was really good. After that we had a few appointments with some members of our ward that went really well. After that we went on an Exchange with the Flower Mound 3rd Elders. So that was really good.  

Wednesday- I was with Elder Hughes. He is from Herriman Utah. So we had all day ahead of us which was good. We were about a 10 Minute bike ride away from our house when it just starts raining CATS AND DOGS. Like no joke! It was super crazy! We got Soaked from head to toe! So that was like no fun at all! After the rain had stopped we had to walk to an Investigators house and set up a service project for them which was really good. That night we exchanged back so I was back with Elder Capener.  

Thursday - Well we had Weekly Planning that day and that went really well and we were able to set up some appointments with some investigators. We had an appointment with an investigator. She is really nice and  really wants to know more. She is  looking for peace in this life. Which is something the Gospel brings. Then we had another appointment with another member of our ward. She is a great lady. Her husband is a nonmember but we talked about family history. Which was really great. 

Friday - We had some service that we went and did! At CCA which was really good to do some service there again. We are working really hard to help out people so it’s good to be there helping. We also had a dinner with a Member and it was super nice. Probably my favorite on the mission. 

Saturday - Was kinda a lame day we talked to a lot of people and taught a few other lessons but no one really seemed interested.  

Sunday - We had church as all normal Mormons do. That was good. Missing some folks, back into the Summer Slums for a little while, so that isn’t to good. But It was cool I had to interview two people yesterday for baptism. They were super stoked about being baptized. So that was no hassle at all! But I was really nervous. Now I know how like everyone Else feels when they give an interview. But that will help me later in life! Which is fun. 

Well that was my fun week. Hope yall have a great week and I love yall.  

Elder Justin C. Lee  

Mom- I got your Envelope it is awesome thanks so much!!!! I had to Shave my legs Cause the meds that a nurse in our ward gave us wouldn’t stick to my skin so I had to shave. :)  

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