Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Golden Contact!

July 20, 2015  

Hey Yall,  

Well it is pretty sick that yall are going on a trip!! So info Transfers are I will be staying with Elder Brown! I served around him in Hurst so I am pretty stoked about that!! Elder Capener is going to Mansfield Tx Which is in Arlington Zone so that should be pretty fun so yeah!!!  

Well Tuesday- Well we had a miracle this week we were able to find a young gal Who has been investigating the church for about 1 year now so that is pretty cool. But we were able to teach her and she accepted baptism. THIS SATURDAY so yeah I am super stoked about that! Which is really cool for us!! So me and Elder Capener are really stoked about that!!!  

Wednesday- Was really awesome we were able to Go out and contact a Lot of People! Which was really fun!! We also had district Meeting which was really fun. So that was really awesome if you think about it!!  So we are really excited because we had to do a lot of scheduling for our baptism this week!  

Thursday- We had no one to teach this day but we had a lot of people to contact! It was kinda a bummer because we were not able to get anyone to even talk to us so Yeah! So Yeah it was a rough day but hey it was really cool!  

Friday- Friday was our day of service which was really fun! We went back to the Ranch and did some weeding service! Which was really fun!  Then we went to the CCA which is a really fun place that we do service at weekly. We did a lot of service. So that was really fun.  

Saturday- We did a lot of cleaning! We cleaned our house cause it was pretty messy! But that was nice to get it all clean! Cause President Ames will be comeimg for all of our inspections so that will be cool to have him in our apartments. So After that we taught a couple of RCLA which was really nice to meet again with our Less actives!  

Sunday- was really good cause all of our investigators who are about 1 right now is Coming to Church!! So that was really good!  
Well Yall kinda a slow week in the Texas Fort Worth Mission but I am really excited for this next week and the Changes!  

I love yall and hope all is well,  
Elder Justin C. Lee  

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