Monday, June 29, 2015

Exchanges With Elder Allen!

Hump Day Box!

Sketch of Elder Lee by Elder Allen! 

We love him this much!

June 29, 2015 


Well yall sounds like your week was awesome. that’s really funny about that guy!! You should of told him that Jesus Loves everyone!! Even Mormons. Or just say tell me more about what we believe. So was Mine and I am excited to tell yall all about it.  

Tuesday- Well we had an Exchange with Elder Allen and his companion! I went with Elder Allen and it was a really awesome experience. He and I get along really well. We taught a lot of other lessons just talking to people on the street. Which was really fun, you always get to talk with some of the most unique people in the world. We biked and walked all over Flower Mound 3rd ward this past week and it was really exhausting but really fun.  
Wednesday- We had District Meeting and it was really awesome. I trained on listening to spiritual promptings!! Which was really good. I love Thomas S. Monson. That guy is a stud! He gives some good talks about listening to the spirit which is super good. I used them in my training. When we got back we helped the Zomora's clean their pool and also mow their lawn which was really Good for us, Me I got some sun!! Then we had a few stop buy appointments.  
Thursday- We had weekly planning and it was really awesome to be able to talk about our investigators and to be able to find more people!! We have some investigators who have just been meeting with missionaries since dinosaurs roamed the earth. After that we had an Exchange with the Zone Leaders. So me and Elder Cherry went to Elder Cherry's area and it went really good. Elder Cherry is from Seattle and knows apple like the back of his hand! Elder Cherry is the best. Me and him worked super well together! We think we should serve together so I pray for it! jk but we do love each other! We taught a couple of really bomb Lessons. We taught great lessons!  
Friday- We had CCA which is where we do service at a Food pantry and it is really awesome cause we count food and take care of restocking shelves which is really fun! We do that as a whole zone! After that we came back and went to dinner with a member from the ward. They took us out to eat! Which was good! Then we came back cause it like down poured rain! Which was really sketchy cause lightening was all over! Some of our members homes had been struck so that was really scary.  
Saturday - Well we had our last day of imputing things into the area book and making sure everything is check and put in. I love the Area book it’s going to be such a vital tool in my work as a missionary!! So that is all finished and taken care of! So we spent our Saturday up at the Stake Center Checking peoples Ipads.  
Sunday- We had church which was good! A lot of people gone for the Forth of July. which is really kinda an expected thing. But then we roll played our roll play for Zone Conference on Tuesday. So we are pretty stoked about that!! I also learned how to make some good Salsa Sister Zamora taught me!  

Well Family I hope all is well,  

With all my Love,  
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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