Monday, June 22, 2015

Its Hump Week!!

Meet Gyro the turtle!

Beautiful bike ride!

Remnant of Hurricane Bill. 

It didn't even cross his mind how DUMB it was to go into a tunnel filling with water....

Gyro is the pet of the family he is living with! 

Treats from home!

June 22, 2015  

Hey Fam Guess what Day it is Guess what day it is.......... P-DAY!!!!!  
Well Yall its good to hear from yall again!!  Its been a really Fun week here in the Flo Mo 2nd ward!!! So Lets get to it!!  

Tuesday- Well we had a few stop by people that we wanted to see so we hopped on the bike trails and we were about out for 20 Minutes and then we had like Crazy amount of Rain! So we were like well that sucks! So we had to turn around and work on the new app we have called Area Book Planner! So we had that all day!  

Wednesday- Was really good. I had my first District meeting as a new District Leader! I thought it went really well! I gave a training on Unity! My goal for my District is to be able to have the most Unity in the whole Zone and I feel like we are really Unified in the Lewisville B district!! haha So I was super glad that we are working on that! We then had district lunch! Which was really awesome! After that we came back and had a few stop by people again!! We are focusing on finding here because we need more investigators. So we are stoked about that!!  

Thursday- We had weekly planning and after that we had to finish Area Book stuff! So the two set of sisters in my District were going on an exchange with each other and were not gonna have their area books done by the time we had to be done, so me and Elder Capener took their area book and entered it all into the Ipads to make it so we as a District are all done so that’s nice!!  

Friday- Well Friday was super fun! That day we went and did service at a ranch so we stacked hay and we also washed the horses so it was really good cause I semi, not really, knew what I was doing.   So It was mission wide, Area book has to be Entered into our Area Book Day, so we all took our area books to the Stake Center and the Zone leaders and the District Leaders all checked the whole zone!! So it took All day to do that!  

Saturday-We were able to have a lesson with our investigator. She was awesome we taught about the Temple! I think it’s cool to see how the temple really helps us change and grow! It really is a heaven on earth!! So it’s awesome!! I love it!!  

Sunday-Well we had church which was really good! Then we had a Meeting with our Ward Mission Leader which was really effective! Then we had a Meeting with the 3rd Ward Elders and after that we had time for Tracting! Well your son has a cool picture of what he did!! So I am stoked to show yall!!  

Well Yall That is My week, I love Yall and am so Glad Yall had a great Fathers Day!!  

Elder Justin C. Lee 

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