Saturday, June 6, 2015

Three Baptisms & The Temple!

Ipad Selfie! 

Justin and Ryan! 

Baptism of Amoni, Ryan and Rameyah

Saturday June 6, 2015 

Well As y’all can tell from my subject line! I am getting Transferred on Wednesday! I will be taking off to the Flower Mound 2nd ward! The Lord has assigned me to serve as a District Leader! I am so stoked about it!! Well since I haven't talked to yall in almost two weeks let’s get to the start!   

Wednesday the 27th-  We had our Ipad training meeting for our Ipads! Elder Nielson of the Quorum of the 70 was there and he gave us a lot of instruction on our new toys! haha It was really good I got to see Elder Jacobson who is like my favorite Companion ever! So that went really well! That night we came back and had a lesson at the Church with our 3 baptismal dates which was really good. Then we had an appointment with a less active gal that is progressing in coming back to church! It was really awesome!  
Thursday - We had weekly planning which went really well! After that we had a few errands to run but we got that done and then went and taught a couple of part member families and some Investigators! That night we had correlation which went really well! Brother Westover is doing really well!  
Friday- We did service for the City of North Richland Hills! We cleared out a swampy back yard that had flooded which was really really fun thing to be able to do! We then made our progress record for the week and that went really really well! After doing that we had a few appointments but nothing to big!  
Saturday- Saturday was doing really well! We had some great stop by appointments that went really well! That night we had an Investigator at a member’s house to be able to help her come to church! Which went really well! I love it! After doing that we went to set up some of our new appointments for Sunday.  
Sunday- Was an amazing day full of Miracles!  We had Six investigators at church that week! Which was the most the Watauga Ward has ever had! We Are hoping that 3 of those turn into really good Baptism! We have 3 that already came! So that is going really well!!  
Monday- We went and did some time! It went really well! Then we went and did service for a lady in the Ward who need help cleaning out a storage Unit so that was really really fun! That night we had to read our Ipad training books so that we were all up to date on what the brotheren want us to be doing for Ipads! That went really well!  
Tuesday- We went on an Exchange with Elder Householder! Who is our DL now! I learned a lot from him and it was a really good exchange! We did service for the same gal we did service for on Monday! After that  we went and He gave the Interviews to our Baptisms who are being baptized today so we are really stoked about doing those today! But After that we had Dinner with Brother and Sister Westover who are the Best! We love them! We had a good Lesson that night with Roxanna who is a Recent Convert in the ward! She is great!!  
Wednesday- It was the Day of Days. We got our iPads that day and went through a whole bunch of training on them! We are super stoked to be using them! All the missionaries had them so we had to get all the fun apps and all the fun things that are going on with them which is always really fun But they are great! Actually I am emailing off of mine as we speak! During our training I received a call from President Ames. He told me that the lord needed me as a District Leader in Flower Mound! After our Meetings we had service at the NRH animal shelter! It was really fun to be able to do that for my last time! That night we went to an Investigators house and she pulled up and she was so mad! She had taken her car to the tire shop and they hadn't fixed it right! So me and Elder Jordan Helped her out and changed the tire for her! She was so grateful I am sure we were sent there by Heavenly Father to bless her life!  
Thursday- Well me and Elder Jordan had to go to Leadership/Follow up training meeting! That was really good I received great council on how I can better lead my district! So I am so stoked about it! Then we weekly planned again and made sure Elder Jordan is prepped for when I leave so that he can show his new trainer what the area is all about! After that we had a lesson with an Investigator! We also had Ward correlation meeting that went really really really well!  
Friday- We did service for NRH again! They love the missionaries! After that we had to go make our Progress Record and baptismal Programs for our Baptism today! Then we had a Lesson with our investigator! We watched just a little bit of The Restoration video! Then all of us bore our Testimony it was an amazing Lesson!  
Saturday- Well today we have done service and also gotten baptismal clothes for our kids today! Now we are Emailing! We will also be going to the temple with the Woods family from Copperas Cove! Well since I can Email pretty much all day! I will be sending you a picture from my baptism asap! So I am really excited about that!!!  

Well family that is my crazy week! I look forward to hearing from yall on Monday!! And Hope yall are having a great week! Talk to Yall really soon!  

Love Yall,  
Elder Justin C. Lee  

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