Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Oh the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down!!

BBQ Dinner

Playing in thee rain with Elder Bingham!

Texas Sky! 

May 26, 2015

HEY YALL!! Talk about being Flushed away!!! haha 

Well I will be home this week! If Sean is a bishop this church must not be true! I’m packing up and Joining the Catholics!!! JK Sean I am proud of you! Couldn't have happened to a better guy!! It’s okay! Now you are allowed to drink and not get in trouble!! hah Jk!! Love you Sean!! Good luck!! (I smell the Brophy family moving soon) ;)   

Tuesday- Well we had the fun time of going to District Meeting this week! That was a really good experience a lot of good council was shared with us! After we had to go to the DMV and get Elder Jordan’s Driving record so that he can drive a mission car! If you think the DMV lines are bad in Utah! Let me tell ya everything is bigger in Texas! After that we took off and taught our Baptism dates! A and R and R are all going to be getting baptized on the 6th of June so we are really excited about that! After Dinner we had a Lesson with a gal we have been teaching who is a Baptist and has some pretty strong beliefs! Well let’s just say I taught doctrine! It worked all in my favor cause now she is reading from the Book of Mormon and Praying about it!  

Wednesday-We took off to do service at the Animal Shelter and so we got to just play with dogs all day which is what I am about! Nothing better than being attacked by about 10 Dogs at one time! I love it!! After that we had a lesson with a recent convert Roxanna! That lesson went really well and she is doing really well in church! Just got a calling and so were really excited about that! After that we had a lesson at the Viarrealls whose son just got his mission call to the Arcadia California mission so he is really stoked about that! We taught a Member coming back into activity and so we were really stoked about that! Our lesson went really good of course!!  

Thursday- Well we had Weekly planning and so that was really good, have some really amazing plans for our investigators! This next week! So I am so excited! After That the Zone Leaders came over to our apartment and talked with Me about bringing my Fire and my personality to the Zone! So I have been trying to find ways to be able to do that and helping every single person in the Zone to raise their Visions to new heights! After that we had Dinner which was dropped off so me and Elder Jordan just got to chill in the apartment and talk about things!! After dinner we had a Correlation meeting and so Bro Westover came and we got that all figured out! So were really excited!!  

Friday-Friday we decided we had to organize the Ultimate Source- that is just a book that we use to help organize our area and make it easy for us to be able to work! So we did that! After that we had a lesson with an investigator and our lesson went really really well! After our lesson we went and did mormon.org time so that we could find a good video to share with the Westover family! We then had dinner over at their house so that was really good! Then we just had some stop by appointments that night!  

Saturday- we had to help a member move so we went and did that! After that we had a lunch appointment with a Member of the Ward which was really good! We went to CiCi's pizza so that was good! After we had to go make a progress record for our Ward Council! After that we had dinner dropped of from a member in the Ward! That night we had just a few stop byes!  

Sunday- WE had 4 Investigators at church! YES!!!! So then we had Ward Council meeting which was good! After that we had a good couple of appointments!!!  

Monday- Well we Had p-day which was really fun! We had a lot of time because we didn't have to email! Then we had an appointment! Which was really fun! 

Well Family that is my week! Oh Yeah So a Member from Copperas Cove is going to the temple on June 6th! So that would switch my p-day to June 6th so you wouldn’t get an email until then!!! So Write me on Sunday but if I don’t get back to you till Saturday then that’s okay!! :) Just A Heads up!  

Well Family I love yall!!  

Elder Justin C. Lee 

P.S Transfers are on the 10th of June! And either Me or Elder Jordan will be getting Transferred! So I will let you know as soon as I know! 

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