Monday, May 18, 2015

Another Week In Paradise!

Dallas Mavericks mascot van! 

Cake baking....before!


May 18, 2015 
Well another week in Paradise!   

Sounds like yall are still alive and kicking! I hope that yall are still doing okay!!  

Tuesday- We went and did some service this week at a members house in the Hurst 1st ward! Which was really fun, we cleaned out her garage and helped organize it and it went really really well! After that we came home and had to change and get ready to go unlock the door to the church for the AP's cause they had a lesson and it was super fun to chat with them for a while! After me and Elder Jordan roll played our lessons for the kids we are teaching! After we went and taught Aaron and Ry! Aaron is about 11 and Ry is about 10! We had a really good lesson and we committed them to baptism on the 6th of June so we are really excited about taking them to that! Elder Jordan Extended the Baptism date! His first I was super proud of him! He does a really good job!   
Wednesday- We had service at the Animal Center again which went really good! Elder Jordan had to clean a dog that was covered in Flea's which was really gross! After that Me and Elder O’Brian went and walked the dogs and took pictures for a web site! After that We went and got ready and went and ate at the Villarreals which was really good! Bro Villarreal is a super fun dude! I love him!! haha After that I went and got my hair cut by a LA lady in the Ward who is coming back into activity and so that has been really fun and we are super stoked to be working with her! After that we had a super good lesson with her and helped her build on her testimony!!  
Thursday -we had weekly planning which was really good! Have some good plans for this week and were super stoked for it! Hope to find some success with it! I am so excited for it! After that we went and did service for the Villarreals, had to fix up a bike for them! After we got that all done we took off to our dinner at the Jensens! An awesome family! They are really super stoked about missionary work! I am so excited for them!! After we stopped by Ally who is an Investigator that is coming really close to being baptized! I hope that she accepts baptism here soon so I am super stoked about that coming up here soon!  
Friday- We had Interviews with President Ames!! My interview was really good! Me and him talked about my mission! I told President Ames that I was going to beat him to the finish Line and I think I can be able to do it!! He is a great leader! I really respect him!  Elder Jordan and I got told that we wouldn’t be staying together next transfer! So one of us is getting Transferred so that will be a fun thing to have to wait for! I don’t really know if I want to stay or go! But I’ll go where the lord wants me to go! I will just lift where I stand! After we had dinner with the Furgos! Another awesome family! Sister Furgo made Salmon which  was really good! I was pretty excited about it! After that we had a couple of stop byes the rest of our night!! 
Saturday- We went and did service for a recent convert to the Church! Her name is Sister King! Her future husband came from England! His name is Richard! He is a sweet guy! I like him a lot! He is not a member.......yet! ;) haha Then we went and did service for Ally also! Me and Elder Jordan did 20 hours of service this week so it was pretty crazy!! Then that night we went and worked with a few new investigators we picked up! Some have some potential so I am really excited about that! Hope for the best!  
Sunday- We went to church and it was really good! We had a few investigators there! Ry was there his brother didn’t come but we were super stoked about it! After we went home to do some Studies! Then we took off to the Mission Presidents Fireside! It was really good! I got to see Elder Jackson there and so I got to see him! I had to say the closing prayer  which was really fun I guess!  

Well family that is my week! I hope yall have an amazing week and We will chat with yall next week so that’s fun!  

Love Yall , 
Elder Justin C. Lee 

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