Monday, May 4, 2015

Training Elder Jordan!

Farewell Elder Jacobson! 
I'm not sure.....

Hello Elder Jordan! 

May 4, 2015 

How Yall Doing? HAHA  

So I have found out that I say Yall a whole Lot! Like all yall and Yall are like my new words!! Which is really weird! So Yay but cool!  

Tuesday- Well It was Elder Jacobson’s last day in the Watauga Area! A.K.A BAW which means Best Area in the World! So it was really sad! Me and him are going to be Bros For life! I love him! So he packed then we went to lunch with the Fab 4! Which is Elder Bird, Elder Bingham and Elder Jacobson and myself! It was really good to just talk with them all and say our see you laters! I love each and every one of them so much and they will do amazing things! After all of that we took off to go and see all the people Elder Jacobson wanted to see! After me and Elder Jacobson said our goodbyes and it was really sad! Yes I cried!! I love that dude 

Wednesday- Me and Elder Jacobson took off to transfers! When we got there I gave him one last hug and wished him luck and told him I love him! Then I went into the New missionary meeting! I got my new Companion, Elder Jordan! Elder Jordan is from Garland Texas! He is a 2 Transfer missionary so we probably won’t be together for a long time! So I am so excited to be with him! He didn't attend the MTC but he knows a lot more than when I came out so that’s good! We then had dinner at the Villarreals and they are just awesome and it was my favorite food Frito pie so I was really excited about that! Then we had a lesson with Roxana who is a recent convert and she is rock solid! We had Elder Jordan practice teaching her so that he can get better faster! I love it!  

Thursday- We had weekly planning and so we had a really good weekly planning session! After we went and visited some of the former investigators in our area book and contacted a referral! After we went home and ate some dinner after that we had a couple of people to go and visit in the evening! Which made our night a lot better cause we contacted a few people and got some new Investigators so hopefully some dunking will happen here soon! Then we had a Correlation meeting with our Ward Mission Leader Bro Westover!  

 Friday-  We did our studies then after we had to drive to the mission office which was really good cause we had to get some stuff taken care of for Elder Jordan! So I got to see all my Senior couple missionary friends in the office I love them! After we went to the library to do our progress record for the week cause we had ward council and so we had to make an update of the things that we needed to do! So that went good then we went and contacted some of our investigators and some more of our list of formers!!  

Saturday was really good! We went and did service for Brother Cannon and helped him remove the baseboards in his house so that he can get the bubbles outta his new wood floor that he had! So that was really fun to help out Brother Cannon! After we went and contacted some more of our Former Investigators and we helped them come closer to Christ and hopefully they start understanding that the need to be Baptized! Which would be really awesome! 

Sunday- We had church and then we had a lot of Meetings after church which went really well! We had a few lessons after church and then we came back to have dinner! Then we stayed in cause I have this really nasty cold! I have no clue why I am getting sick so much! and having Killer headaches but whatever I feel a little better today! so I hope it goes away soon!!  

Well yall in love all yall and hope yall have a good week!!  

Elder Justin C. Lee  

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