Monday, April 27, 2015

Transfers & Training!

Is it dead or playing opossum?
Volunteering at the animal shelter!

Elder Fowles, Megan's cousin! 

Texas has green storms! 

Soaking Wet!
April 27, 2015   


Well Yall since yalls week is really boring! Well If you havent gotten it from my title, I will be training this next transfer! Yes I will have a son! Elder Jacobson is taking off and I will be staying in Watauga with a Greenie! I am really excited!  

Well Lets get to it..... 

Tuesday- Was really fun we had a couple of lessons we also had a lesson with a recent convert and they went really well! Then we had an exchange with our Zone Leaders! I went with Elder Peterson! So on our drive back we are driving and the phone rings and its President Ames! He said "Elder Lee, I feel inspired for you to Train a new missionary! So I accepted and was really excited about this awesome opportunity to help a new missionary out! I am so excited!  

Wednesday- Me and Elder Peterson took off to do service with Elder Bird and Elder Bingham! We helped this Lady paint her house and put together a desk and a bed side table which was really fun! Then we exchanged back! After that we went into an Animal Shelter to sign up and do the paper work for service! Me and Elder Jacobson are really excited to be doing that this next week! So I am really excited! After doing that we went to dinner and after that we had an appointment  with a less active in the ward!  

Thursday- We had weekly planning which went really really well! After doing that we took off to an animal shelter to do service! So that was probably the funnest thing we ever have done! After we went back to our apartment and it started to down poor which was really fun! Cause me and Elder Jacobson went and Talked to people! It was really fun!! That night me and Elder Jacobson went out and just watched the Rain and Lightning strike! TEXAS HAS THE BEST THUNDERSTORMS!  

Friday- Well I had to go to a meeting with President Ames for New Trainers so that I could receive council on how to train! Which it was really fun cause I Meet Elder Fowels who is Megan’s Cousin From Delta He is going District Leader in Graham! Which is like 2 1/2 Hours away from here! So that is really out there! After that we had  Tornado warnings all over Texas so that was really fun! I really hope to be around one! But that’s really fun! After we had a few appointments with Members in the Ward to go visit some of their Home Teaching families! After that we came inside cause it down poured  rain!  

Saturday- We had a lot of fun things to do! Some of those were we had Stake Conference which was really awesome! Elder Hansen of the 70 was there! President Ames spoke which was really good! After he called me and Elder Jacobson to come over just so he could say Hi! I love that Guy! President is such a great dude!! But our Stake Conference was really good!  

Sunday- We had another Stake Conference which was really good and everything went really good there and so Elder Jacobson told some of the members goodbye and it was really sad!  

Well Family I am so excited to Be Training a new missionary! I am So grateful for Elder Jacobson! Me and him will be best Friends for the Longest time! I Love each of yall so much! Thanks so much for the support!  


Elder Justin C. Lee   

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