Monday, April 20, 2015

Jordans Wedding!

Elder Birds Barber Shop! 

For Grandma!

Texas Storm!
Exchanges with Elder Bird!

April 20, 2015  

Well I know my brother and sister listen! I told both to get married and both did! YES I AM AN ONLY CHILD NOW!! WOOT WOOT!!  

I hope all is well with yall!  

Tuesday- We had district Meeting! It was really awesome! Elder Jacobson taught an awesome district meeting! We learned about having our investigators  come to church! I thought it was really awesome! After me and Elder Jacobson had to go to the mission office to take in Elder Jacobson Tiwi card (we have the Driving monitors) He lost his privileges so that was not fun for him! But we helped the office to get their new furniture in and that was really fun! So after that me and Elder Jacobson had Dinner at OC Burgers which was really good! We will all have to go! After that we went back and packed Elder Jacobson’s stuff and went to pick up Elder Bird! Which was really fun! Me and Elder Bird went on an Exchange! Which was a blast! 
Wednesday- WE woke up and went and did Time which was really good! Then after that we went to Firestone which was good we had to get our windshield wipers replaced which was fun I guess! After that we went and met a few of the LA in the Ward and shared a message on the importance of Church which was good! After we went Contacting! Mom answer to your question: So we go to contact this lady and we pull out a picture of the Temple! Which is all good and Elder Bird asks if she would love her family sealed for time and Eternity, she said No! What/!? Right weird but hey she took a picture of Jesus Christ so maybe she will ask us later! After that we had dinner at the ViaRealls that really awesome family! We love them! After Dinner we went and taught our investigator Bill! Bill is a YSA so we gave him to the AP's so that they could teach him!  
Thursday- Well this day really stunk! I was sick as a dog on Thursday! So I drank some Nyquil and some drugs and got it all better! So at about 7:30 ish I felt a little better so we took off and taught a young girl named Charity who is working on coming back to church! So that’s really a good thing cause she is working on coming to church!  
Friday- So me and Elder Jacobson went to a lunch appointment with a brother in our ward who is in-active! We are working with him! I am hoping that we can help him at least a little! So after we went to there we went and saw Brother S! I love that guy! He is awesome he is walking on the path to be baptized! So we are hoping to be able to get him in the water the next couple of weeks! I am so excited about it! I love it! After I got done with that we had dinner and then taught Roxana a recent convert in our ward who is working really hard to maybe go to BYUwhich would be really really cool! That was really awesome!  
Saturday- Elder Jacobson had a meeting with Lynn G. Robbin of the Presidency of the 70! He said that was good! I was able to go with Elder Bird and Elder Bingham and going through their area! We taught a few people! We then had dinner with a member in their ward who fed us a huge meal! After this we went to pick Elder Jacobson up from the church! Then a member from Elder Jacobson’s old area took us out to eat! Then we went home cause a crazy storm came in! Wind and Everything! but no Tornado!  
Sunday- Was a really good day! We taught a few lessons with a Recent Convert and then we went to dinner! After we came back to let elder Jacobson take numbers! I love it!  

Well Yall that is my week! I Love yall so much and hope yall are having an awesome week!  


Elder Justin C. Lee 

Mom- Transfers are next Wednesday! I am pretty sure I am staying! So no worries! Elder Jacobson is doing good! I am driving again though so yay for me! haha The Craziest thing that happened was the Gal that said she didn’t want her family for eternity! I love ya! 

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