Monday, April 13, 2015

Zone Council & Conference!

Cookin' Texas Style! 

Grilled Cheese! 


April 13, 2015 

My Lovely Family,  

Well What’s up! I Love and Miss yall so much! It’s been a really crazy week! But hey we all have them right! Dad- I need a (root) beer ;)  

Tuesday was a really good day- WE had zone council with our zone and it was really good! I got a call right before from a brother in the bishopric in the ward to speak in sacrament! So yay more stress to add! We got together and set some goals that we have to make the zone move more forward! I am really excited the Hurst North Zone is going to move forward and progress! That day we went on an Exchange with the Park Glen 2nd Elders! I got Elder Bingham from Orem Utah! He is a really awesome dude and I love him! We taught a couple of really good lessons together! Bingham is a really strong individual! We then went back and we cleansed our car for Zone Conference!  

Wednesday- WE had Zone conference!!!! My training I thought went  really well! A lot of people told me it was really really great! President Ames gave me a big hug and told me great, Fantastic! So I was really happy! I hoped people understood what my message was! I was really happy with how things went! Zone conference is always such an amazing time! You really do a lot of positive self-evaluations! You see areas you need to work on and I love it! I was really spiritually fed! The last hour was really great too! President Ames did a really great job with the Members in our ward to help them see the Vision for the Mission! After we had two lessons with a Member and with a new investigator that we thought would go really well! So those went really really well! 

Thursday- Was weekly planning! I am starting not to hate weekly planning because it really helps you find out what are the good things for you investigators! I am so excited because we have a pretty broad vision for this mission! I am trying so hard to become good because I am really hoping that I can be able to lift my area and help out Elder Jacobson! So after a long day me and Elder Jacobson wrote a song about missionary life I will have to record it and send it to you!  

Friday- Was really busy because we had to go to the Liberry;) We had to prep for my talk so I was searching all over to help me find what I really needed! My topic was Working diligently in the gospel! It was really hard to put all of my thought together! It was really good though for me! After we went and visited some of the LA in the Ward and we had  a Meeting with Brother Westover our assistant ward mission leader!  

Saturday- We Had a DLC. I am starting to feel a little under the weather! The whole zone is getting sick! So I am trying not to get sick! I have been taking some Nyquil so that I can stay healthy! After we went and did some service for a member and his Investigator wife! They are really awesome! After that we came back and showered and then went to our bible study class with our 7th day Adventist friends so that was really really fun! After we had a few appointments with some LA's in the Ward! 
Sunday- Sunday was awesome! We had 2 Investigators at church on Sunday so that went really good! I gave my talk and it went okay I think! I got some feedback from a member and he gave me some things to change to be a really good speaker so I am going to apply those to all of my talks!  After we talked to all of our investigators! They loved it so that was really fun!  

Well that was my week! and I hope all is well with yall! I love yall So much!  

Love yall so much,  

Elder Justin C. Lee 

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