Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter and Conference!

The Easter missionary and Elder Bird! 

End of the month. Miles are gone so bikes come out! 

Easter gift from a sweet member family! 

There were bonus points if he could get Elder Jacobson to wear his ears! 

April 6, 2015  

Hey Yall,  

Well Wow yall are still dorks! Stupid Bunny ears and going around hunting for Eggs! Yall are all over 20! GROW UP!! Just kidding I wore mine as well so that is really really nice! So this past week has been a blast!  

Well Tuesday- We had district Meeting and it was really good! I got a lot of cool council from Elder Jacobson! Then we went out to eat with the Whole Group at Rosa's Cafe which is a Mexican joint that has Taco Tuesday! It was really cool cause some random guy paid for our food! It was a really really big blessing! Then we went and got a Bahama Bucks Snow cone cause it was like 92 degrees here which makes your shirts turn black fast! So after we got back to our apartment me and Elder Jacobson got our food that a member had dropped off and so we then took a nap during our dinner time! After Our nap we jumped on the bikes! (End of the month miles were limited) Then we biked and contacted this really cool family! Me and Elder Jacobson just did really good at switching off! Then we had a lesson with a LA/PM which was really really good! 
Wednesday- Wednesday was a Great day! We had Fresh Miles and so it’s like having an Extra little umph behind you all week! After we had taken off to go get Bird and Bingham so that we could go to do Mormon.org time! Which was really cool for me because I am prepping for a training I will be giving this Wednesday on the 8th in Zone Conference! Which really scares me cause I have to give it in front of President Ames! WOOOOO! It’s  on "Lifting Where we Stand" it’s all about not coveting leadership! Which is something I will admit I have struggled with since I have been out! BY THE WAY ( GOD ONLY CARES ABOUT 3 TITLES FATHER, HUSBAND, PRIESTHOOD LEADER) so I am Really excited to do that!  
Thursday- Was Weekly planning but we had the opportunity to have the Zone Leaders with us! Which was really good we talked about things that needed to happen in the zone and what needed to happen with Zone Conference and Members of Elder Jacobson's District! I am so excited to see what happens with our District! Then after this we went and taught our friend Nicholos who has a really cool knowledge of the Bible! So we are working on him! Then we had dinner with a really awesome members of our ward! Which we shared the “Because He Lives” message which I thought was really cool!  
Friday- Was really great it was prep for Conference Day! So we went around and told people that the Prophet of God was speaking and that they should listen! I also finally got a few seconds to send out  Dads package so it should be getting there soon! P.s Dad will laugh! I am still my father’s Boy!! Any who after all that we went and had stop by’s  the whole day! But we did get to contact! I really love it! We went and contacted at the park which I thought was really good!  
Saturday- Wow we had General Conference! I can’t believe I only would watch one session of conference because there are really good talks in Conference! I was so blessed to watch it! I love hearing every single person speak! I love it so much!  
Sunday- We had Conference again and then had dinner at the LaPrays who are and awesome family! Their son Jacob just got back from a mission in Brazil! He loved it!  

Well Family I love yall so much and Hope all is well!  

Elder Justin C. Lee  

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